One Room Challenge | Week One

The One Room Challenge, founded by Linda of Calling It Home, is a shot at designing a space in the matter of six short weeks.  You can see the featured designers here.

I’m doing it, I’m jumping in…the pool!  Over the next six weeks I take part as a guest participant and will furnish our new pool and get it ready for summer funtimes.  Here is the space before–photo taken in

Because of our lot configuration, we had to build the pool in our side yard, which isn’t so bad as this side of the house has long-range mountain views.  Fast forward to March, the pool is finished and ready just in time for Spring  But the outdoor living spaces are not finished.  There is a dining space, lounge space, fire pit living area, day bed space, and a TV lounge area.  So far I am leaning toward a black and white color scheme–leaving the color to the blue sky and surrounding green woods.

Next week I’ll give you a peek at the finished pool and furniture plans.  See you then!


Women Who Make | Artist Interview

I am excited to share an interview I did with Claire Staszak of Centered by Design for her inspiring series Women Who Make.  It is a complete honor to be included in this talented line-up of women makers.  Thank you, Claire, for the opportunity!women who make women-who-make-interview-centered-by-design

New Art Available–and Jewelry, Too!

Today at 11am EST I will be launching a new collection of small paintings.  I hope you will check them out in my shop!

I am also excited to share the collaboration I worked on with jewelry artist Cynthia Cochran.  She and I dreamed up designs together and she handcrafted the earrings to the tiniest detail.  They are fun and beautiful!  Perfect gifts for the holiday season.  These will also be in my shop www.cynthiamcochran.comwww.cynthiamcochran.comwww.cynthiamcochran.comThank you for taking a look–means the world to me!

Art Portfolio

For new work, please visit my IMG_0166 IMG_0163
IMG_9481 Angela Chrusciaki Blehm | Angela Chrusciaki

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