Basement Lounge Progress

Aside from the guest room, the whole basement is my husband’s domain.  It’s spacious with room for exercise equipment, a TV lounge, and music makers like amps and guitars and drums.


When we first bought the house, my husband did not fell like much needed to be done to the space to make it his own.  He wanted to replace the built-ins with a new one but leave the fireplace.  It took a little convincing, but I told him I thought we could do better than the faux stone.


We added a soffit, wood-clad ceiling, new built-ins, grasscloth, and a new fireplace surround from the leftover marble tiles from our kitchen remodel in the last house.

While the basement is still quite spare, until recently it only had a table and a leftover sofa.  Our dream sofa was a sectional and leather and mucho dinero…therefore, low on the priority list.  But I kept my eye on the local Restoration Hardware Outlet store, hoping for a good deal.  Then, one lucky day earlier this spring, while my husband was away on a business trip, the outlet store had a prospect for me.  It wasn’t leather, but it was a slipcovered gray linen sectional, and it was 75% off.  A very good prospect!  And, with my husband out of town…this seems like a perfect time to do a little surprise design.

I bought the sectional and threw in a leather ottoman from the outlet, too…happy to get some leather in the mix.  I rush ordered a rug to be bound at Myer’s Carpet and bought a pile of ready-made pillows from Designs by Sudi.  A few accent tables I had floating around the house fit perfectly, and, bam, it wasn’t completed but was changed enough for a big surprise when he returned from his trip. (I did this before with a huge makeover to his office while he was on a trip…it’s a wonder that he still trusts me.)IMG_8746

He loves it, whew!  And, we’ll have fun creating the artwork for the walls.  He has some favorite album covers picked out, and we’ll do something with the photos we take at all the concerts he takes me to throughout the year.  Since I don’t encourage him to quit his day job to be a rocker, he can at least live the fantasy in the lounge.

Opposite the TV lounge is a kitchen area that I haven’t done much to.  We painted the existing cabinets, added a fridge, and replaced the countertops with a remnant piece of Alabama White marble.
IMG_8769In between the kitchen and the TV lounge is a gulf of space that we hope to put a large rug and black pingpong table.  It is a basement, after all.

I’m still hoping for a pretty piano in the alcove to the left–to replace the ugly electric keyboard the kids use for their piano lessons.  Still lots to be done, but I’m so happy to have the TV area cozy now.

I’ll be back soon with an update on the kitchen…the island sculpture light is almost finished.  Can’t wait!  See you all on Instagram in the meantime!

Dining Room | Old is New Again

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms of the house–even though it is missing some key pieces.  I call it The Axis of Evil because it is dark and moody and all the other rooms of the main floor spoke off this space.  But usually I call it The Dining Room.  We eat in here a lot, especially when it’s cold and the fire is blazing.  The room is also where we play our almost-nightly Uno, Skip-Bo, or Phase10 games.  We’re super fun like that.

You can see a dining room progress post here.  Since I wrote that post, my large bird painting flew off to live at the cottage and I repurposed an old cabinet to hold our extra dishes and such.
www.tphblog.comI had the cabinet built back in 2005 to hold our TV in our North Carolina house.  Such good memories at that house…
www.tphblog.comAnd, then, when we moved to Georgia, we used it in the dining room.

www.tphblog.comAnd, then…(do your kids tell “And, Then…” stories, like mine do?) it received a new paint job when I moved it to the loft.

www.tphblog.comIt has served us well through the years.www.tphblog.comAnd, then, for the latest adaptation, Chris transformed it for us into something playful with the oversized knobs and added trim.  It feels great to use something we already had.  I bought the cool lamps from the one and only Sherry Hart at the Atlanta Blogger Tag Sale awhile back.  I love them.  Chris also built the pedestal by the window.  He’s the best!

I hauled in my daughter’s chair cushion to get a feel of yellow artwork here.  It just seems like the art needs to be yellow in this room.

Okay, who wants to sit down and play a game of Uno with me?  We need to do something to celebrate:  I just posted three days in a row!

TV Room Progress

Our family TV room is off the kitchen and has been a white ghost since we moved in.  I painted the walls gray over Memorial Day weekend.
www.tphblog.comThe sectional consumes the room like a giant marshmallow.  Below is a photo of the room all white and rugless.  You can also see the window on the left, above the sofa, that we covered with a large painting.   (You can see our kitchen plans here.)

www.tphblog.comChris, who makes and fixes everything at our house, built the wood panel to perfectly cover the window.  The window is directly opposite of the TV so there was a horrible glare.  We covered the back of the panel with aluminum foil so it looks real nice from the outside.  Actually I just painted it white and it faces the back of the house to the woods.

www.tphblog.comStill obsessed with fabric and such, I finished the painting recently–felt good to do some arty painting.

www.tphblog.comI’m still debating how much art I want on the TV wall.  It’s all stacked up in the meantime.

The photo below shows the room with frames flanking the painting–too much white for me–and the sofa with the back cushions for maximum marshmallow effect.  I found the sofa at Ballard Design Outlet here in Atlanta, it was a classic rolled arm sectional, but I had my upholsterer reshape the arms when he made the slipcover.  And the fabric is, gasp, microfiber.  I am only a supporter of microfiber in white.  The two other white microfiber sofas we have (both at the cottage) perform beautifully, and one we’ve had slipcovered for 10 years with NO stains or major wear.

The above photo also shows our ottoman, which is currently being reupholstered in the flamestitch fabric that Marlowe the cat is sitting on.  The drapery for the double window in the room will also be in the same flamestitch fabric…which would have been awesome on the sofa as an alternative.

Right now we are experimenting with the sofa sans back cushions.  I’ve just loaded it up with all the blue pillows I could find in the house.  I really like it, less ‘mallow more mellow.  It feels good to be so close to being finished in here.  If I keep the chest behind the sofa, I’ll paint it.  And, I’m still deciding fabric for the triangle ottoman (not pictured) that sits in front of the orange chair.  I guess if we keep the back cushions off the sofa, I’ll have to reassess the pillow situation.  Serious decisions around these parts.

The Kitchen | Plans, in Progress

The words “in progress” are key for this post.  I won’t rattle on a disclaimer, but this is the kitchen raw and ready for the details.  The sparse kitchen actually is pretty soulless at this point.  But, I’m working on it; and–while feeling vulnerable–I’d love to share where we’re

I haven’t touched these shelves since we unpacked over a year ago.  I do know the bunny stays.  He holds our tea.

When we bought the house, the kitchen was tired and needed a refresh.  I was excited about having a kitchen to design from scratch–but overwhelmed.  While I looked at hundreds of gorgeous kitchens, none felt like us.  White and grey are classic beauties, but neither color seemed right for our family. Then I saw this kitchen by stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg  Those mint green cabinets heavily influenced me toward a mint paint decision.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 4.29.11 PM

I also keep going back to that dark green chair and mint cabinet combo…  As for the cabinet shape, I fell hard for these Workstead cabinets.

www.workstead.comI couldn’t get them out of my mind and ended up modifying the design for our own kitchen.

www.tphblog.comI love how the cabinets turned out and the putty-minty green color, which I mixed myself out of frustration.  The white quartz countertops make me happy.  We all love the roominess of the space as it is the place where we mill about the most–no more tripping over each other!  And, because the human collisions drive me bananas, we have two locations for trash and two sinks, LOVE the two sinks!  And we have a hot water dispenser that I use more often than I thought I would–adore it!  I also love, love our giant chalkboard, which also doubles as a secret door for a storage cabinet for entertaining ware and gift wrap.

I’m not so thrilled with the backsplash–it was a compromise with my husband who didn’t like my first pick.  But it’s not horrible, it’s just not thrilling…like a backsplash should be, right?

.  I’m also not as satisfied as I thought I would be with the vintage light installed over the island.  The color just isn’t right and the space needs that one big moment that the right chandy could provide.  I didn’t buy the light for this house, for the last one actually, and I just figured it would be nice to use it here.www.tphblog.comDid you see this island lighting in the November 2014 Elle Decor?

IMG_0437Photo: Simon Upton Design: Achille Salvagni

I know, RIGHT?  If there were a race on how fast one calls her welder, I’d win.  He said, “bring it on.”  And, I shall.  So Chris is working with us on how we will wire this cage system up.  The easiest and probably cheapest way to do this, would be to just put a cage around the existing light, paint them up the same, and call it a day.  But I want to be more deliberate with it–at least I say that until the estimate comes in!

And because all the kitchen elements are so big, stout, and boxy right now, I am leaning toward a design that is more open like this:

www.tphblog.comColor and finish of it?  Not sure yet.

The other part of the kitchen causing me grief is the dining area, opposite of the island.  I have spent months looking at fabric for the windows, as I really thought all along that I would do drapes on this wall.  But nothing was exciting me–I can’t tell you how many renderings I made of different fabric/chair combinations.  But the table, by Grey Furniture, we all love!  And, I love our new (comfy!) aluminum chairs that finally arrived…but what color to paint them?

www.tphblog.comWhen I think about how I want this space to look, I keep going back to this image–a Notting Hill dining space by Staffan Tollgard.

I’ve done soul-searching (as one does when considering kitchen finishes) and have analyzed every bit of this photo and every internal reaction I have to it, for clues.  It’s the simplicity in form and color, the color blocking, the artful sophistication, the texture, the symmetry, the classical trim vs modern lines.  And, I love that eggplant-y color on the chairs.  So, I’m moving forward without drapes, add picture trim that will help temper the contemporary flavor of the kitchen, add some statement sconces (we need more mood lighting anyways for quesadilla night), and go subtle-bold (it’s true) with the chair color.  receipts018

Pay no mind to the painted chair.  Sometimes a girl has a can of red paint open and desperation on her hands.  Same goes for the gray-painted chair on the other

My husband says I’ve spent probably a total of 150 hours thinking about that window wall.  And, he is right, I’m sure.  But I’m feeling good about this clean direction.  Above all, this highly-sensitive, slightly OCD mother wants a clean, calm kitchen as a backdrop for the inevitable chaos of life, so I think streamlining it as much as possible will help me reach that goal.  Not a lot of different colors, not a lot of things on the walls (we have the pretty woods outside to look at), not a lot of different finishes…let’s just say it’s therapy by way of a kitchen.

Have you checked out the house tour I’m doing on Instagram this week?  Just a peek at progress we’re making over here at TPH.

An Instagram House Tour by Request

Starting this Sunday I’m leading  a tour of our in-progress house on Instagram–by your requests.  One photo a day for a week–it will be seven new peeks around the house.  If you have a special request of something to see, please leave me a comment here or on Instagram and I’ll consider it for one of the seven photos.  Follow along if you want!  And…hopefully I’ll have a kitchen post up next week.  Things are about to happen in there and I’m finally excited about the direction!www.tphblog.comI know you love some vintage Dolly Parton because who doesn’t?   I’m going to musically implant a little 9-to-5 tunage in your head right now.  Hum along while you look at this adorable tween room designed by my friend Shannon Berrey.  www.shannonberrey.comThis room has been augmented, painted up, nipped and tucked like a good Dolly room should.  Shannon did much of the work herself–including the Dolly painting.  She is SUCH a talent.

Other projects you should follow:

My friend Darlene at Fieldstone Hill Design is working on a kitchen remodel plan for her historic fieldstone home.  She’s scheming and pinning–lots of good ideas flowing over there!  She is also doing a room-by-room tour of her deliciously cozy house over the next few  I was lucky enough to visit one afternoon and there is peace and calm within those walls–immediately I felt at home.

Jill Sorensen made a cross-country move and finally found the perfect LA house to renovate.  No question it will be bold and the right mix of old and

Nice choice on the black and white cement tile for the laundry room, Jill!  (Me thinks that Javier, her contractor, has never had a prettier or more talented customer.)

Have you seen Gwen’s dining room at The Makerista?  www.themakerista.comIt’s hard to believe it was just recently a very basic, everyday affair with popcorn on the ceiling.  Black on the walls, pretty much always a good thing.  She is working magic on her new house, pulling Craigslist rabbits, one after the other, outta her hat.

I have to say, I love it when bloggers move or tackle a big project.  Voyeur much?

Enjoy the weekend, friends!  I’ll see you around on Instagram!

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