One Room Challenge | Week Two

It’s Week Two of the One Room Challenge–and, I’m taking mine outdoors this time.  This week I’ll give you a tour of the living spaces we have around the pool, that was just completed in March.  This space so far has been such a gift–so many fun family bonding opportunities (including an ugly but good, competitive fun basketball hoop that you will see later in the post).  Also, after 3 and a half years in this house it is so nice to have the neglected side yard and back yard finally in decent shape.

Down the steps we have the spa and the dining area on the left.  To the right of the dining area is the fire

For the dining area we have ordered the Aegean table from Restoration Hardware.  It comes in a 95″ length that will be great for seating 8 people.  I wanted it in black, but it sold out before I was ready to order it.  Sad face.  So I am going with white.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.30.03 PM

I love these barrel chairs from CB2 that will surround the table.  They have already arrived and are super comfy.  Chris is also building a 12′ buffet table for serving meals that will double as pool storage underneath.Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.28.18 PM
We decided to go with a rectangular fire pit instead of round, and I love the idea of sofas flanking the fire pit instead of individual chairs.  We are a family of cuddlers, so it made sense to go with something at least three of us can snuggle on (that would be me with a kid on each side, love that).  This sofa from CB2 is perfect for the area–it is nice and deep to accommodate pillow layers.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.26.47 PM At the deep end of the pool is a custom daybed that Chris is almost finished with.  It just needs a roof, and then I can put in the black and white stripe mattress and pillows.  Can’t wait to lounge in there!  We went with a chocolate brown stain to coordinate with the back deck nearby.  I also like that it picks up the brown in the pavers.  Notice the basketball goal…it won’t make into the final reveal photos, ha! www.tphblog.comThe fourth living space is the lounge deck along the side of the house.
We have four of these streamline loungers from CB2–they have such great outdoor items this season!  These loungers are the look I’m after and relatively affordable.  Have you priced lounge chairs lately???  Insane!  Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.27.12 PMThe last area we are trying to finish before summer is under the back deck.  We had under decking installed to waterproof the patio–and it works great!  Painting and electrical still needs to be done here before we can clean up and furnish it.IMG_0481We have this sofa from Restoration Hardware on order for the patio:Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.29.14 PMIt will be just as pictured, black frame and charcoal upholstery.  I’d love white upholstery, but even with outdoor fabric, I didn’t think it would be a good idea with the kiddos.  We have red mud here in Georgia!

I’m not sure if this fifth area will be completed in time for the reveal–still deciding on coordinating furniture.  And, Chris still needs to build two more cabinets here, too.

For the hardscaping, we went with Belgard pavers in the Lafitt pattern, color Belgian Stone.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t like the pavers, but it was pretty much our only option with some of the limitations and conditions we had.  But I really do love them and like how it coordinates with the Pennsylvania blue stone we have in the front yard.

The landscape, I hope, will eventually look something like this with the boxwood hedge and Limelight hydrangeas spilling over:hydrangeasWe also installed around the pool Japanese maple trees, deodar cedars, Leyland cypresses for screening, laurel shrubs to hide fence and pool equipment, viburnum, and junipers to cover the hill that slopes down from the pool.  As always, the landscaping was a game changer for the whole area–softening it up in feel and color.  Now I am just impatient for it all to mature and hide that ugly fence!

Next week I hope to show you the finished daybed and progress on the buffet table.  Thank you for stopping by!  Check out the feature designers and guest participants as they finish week two.  Thank you, Linda, for hosting!

Summertime Times

If you have kids at home this summer, you know where I’m coming from.  It’s a juggling act of maintaining my own gig while also keeping the kids occupied and off their screens as much as possible.  We have a summer to-do list to tackle and a pool pass to wear out.  While I will take a little time to paint and tackle some things around the house, I’m officially taking the summer off to be with the kiddos.

On the days I do let them gorge themselves on video games, I want to paint, clean out closets, cook some new recipes, and do some dekorating stuff.  Mainly, I want to get the living room finished–the drapes and paint the walls.  Blush bandwagon, folks!  Look at this lady’s lounge from Amy Morris, as seen by me at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Showhouse this spring:
www.tphblog.comIt’s gorgeous, no?  I love that russet banquette with the blush walls.  I’m gonna try it and see if I like it.

Sooooooo, happy summer to you all!  I might check in here before school starts, but I will be around on Instagram.  XOXO

Favorites from the One Room Challenge

I hope it’s not too late to share some One Room Challenge rooms that caught my attention.  The talent displayed between the featured designers and participants is inspiring.  There is a room style for everyone…even a crazy red-painted 80s playroom.  Wink, wink.

A room for Nicole’s sister…check out the hand-painted drapery.  Gorgeous!


Albertina’s vintage-mod mashup for her daughter’s room…my art makes an appearance!


The most colorful, happiest bunkroom I ever did see, by


A sexy, art-filled bedroom by


Speakers as chic decoration in Gwen’s cozy man


And, I love a black dining room–Erin’s is


Kate’s beautiful backyard oasis includes a cheeky turf-covered ottoman that I


Claire’s classic living room for her


Now that the playroom is done, I’m back to painting again.  Hopefully I’ll have some new things in the shop next week or so.

One Room Challenge | Week 4

Week F-O-U-R of the One Room Challenge!  I’m a linking participant, you know that, over at Calling It Home–thank you, Linda!  Check out the other participants and featured designers.

This is what is done:

Remember the Target table?  I did some stripety stripes on it.  It will go by the window seat.IMG_7946

The trim is painted!  Although it took them a good four coats to do it.  I love the red room from baseboard to crown.  It’s dramatic–and cozy, too.IMG_7943

Chris is busy working on the built-ins.  Can’t wait to see how that changes the space.IMG_7944

I picked up half of the pillow order from Sudi–such beautiful work!  Here they are in the sleeping alcove:IMG_7896

And the ceiling…I had hoped to show you that this week, but I had another idea!  Wall decals.  I know.  So they arrived yesterday and I figured I would see if the decals could give the same effect I am after with paint…bars

I threw a few on the ceiling to test–I like it!  No painting for me.  I’ll show you the ceiling strewn with the black bars next Thursday.  (I used 1″ black tape from Walls Need Love, which I cut in half to make 1/2″ bars.)

The rug comes tomorrow.  And once the trim has time to cure, I’ll hang the woven wood shades.  Those two layers will really texturize the space for you to see next Thursday.  The sofa also comes next week!  If only the Clarence House fabric makes it in for the ottoman upholstery.

Overall, I’m feeling good about completing the room in time.  Famous last words…

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