One Room Challenge | Week 4

Week F-O-U-R of the One Room Challenge!  I’m a linking participant, you know that, over at Calling It Home–thank you, Linda!  Check out the other participants and featured designers.

This is what is done:

Remember the Target table?  I did some stripety stripes on it.  It will go by the window seat.IMG_7946

The trim is painted!  Although it took them a good four coats to do it.  I love the red room from baseboard to crown.  It’s dramatic–and cozy, too.IMG_7943

Chris is busy working on the built-ins.  Can’t wait to see how that changes the space.IMG_7944

I picked up half of the pillow order from Sudi–such beautiful work!  Here they are in the sleeping alcove:IMG_7896

And the ceiling…I had hoped to show you that this week, but I had another idea!  Wall decals.  I know.  So they arrived yesterday and I figured I would see if the decals could give the same effect I am after with paint…bars

I threw a few on the ceiling to test–I like it!  No painting for me.  I’ll show you the ceiling strewn with the black bars next Thursday.  (I used 1″ black tape from Walls Need Love, which I cut in half to make 1/2″ bars.)

The rug comes tomorrow.  And once the trim has time to cure, I’ll hang the woven wood shades.  Those two layers will really texturize the space for you to see next Thursday.  The sofa also comes next week!  If only the Clarence House fabric makes it in for the ottoman upholstery.

Overall, I’m feeling good about completing the room in time.  Famous last words…

An Early Design Influence

It was sometime in the 1980s, and our next door neighbors were redecorating their home.  I was friends with their daughter, and in those days we bounced back and forth to one another’s home.  So it was with keen interest that I took in every detail of their project, looking forward to seeing what was new on each returning visit.  Normal for a kid?  Probably not.

The fact now that I can see each room vividly fascinates me.  At the time I didn’t know I was cultivating a passion within me, but my inner fire was being fanned by their design process.  They chose a pickled hardwood floor for their dining and living areas with an inset ivory carpet banded with blue and peachy-pink.  The new sculptural sofas had pillows to coordinate with the carpet, and a Lee Reynolds painting hung above a console.  They papered their walls in the kitchen with a showy floral and bird pattern in blues and roses.

It was all very pretty to me, but I remember being struck especially with the gameroom that was off the kitchen.  My friend and I played a lot in the gameroom–chess at the bar or billiards…I’m sure we did a number on the felt.  But in the remodel, the pool table was traded in for a smaller bumper pool table and the other half of the room became a TV lounge.  I can remember being so excited at their choice to put in black and white checkered flooring, thinking even at the time that it was daring and fun.  It paired well with their wood-paneled walls and was just an overall beautiful graphic punch.  They layered a neutral fuzzy rug over the checks with a large square white coffee table.  The sofa was dark gray, and there was a Eames-like lounge chair in the corner.  One whole wall was the wet bar with mirrored walls, with a large stereo cabinet nearby.  And, they covered the windows with a textural ivory vertical blind.


It was the first room that really struck me.  It was all the pattern and textures: checks, wood, mirror, leather, carpets, lacquer, plush upholstery–enough to make a budding artist take notice.  And, I think the fact that the design was so classic appealed to me even if I couldn’t articulate that at the time.  It’s a strange, beautiful, mysterious thing to watch the passions build in young people, to watch the natural attractions occur.  I love seeing it in my own children and wonder what it is that is building in them.

So I am anxious to see if my memories are as accurate as I feel they are.  Time to check in with the neighbors.

What is your earliest design influence?

Ribbon Art

It must be the girlie in me that loves ribbons–but even so, I am trying to strip the ribbon of its girliness to a modern yet still playful form.  I’ve been putting them in my last few paintings:
www.tphblog.comwww.tphblog.comBut then I wanted to isolate the ribbon’s form by releasing it from the canvas and other superfluous imagery.  I wanted to cut one out of wood.  This is one for the guest room, just playing around:

www.tphblog.comIt wasn’t until recently that I had time to make more.  Did you see these on Instagram?

www.tphblog.comThere are more to come and a shop in which to purchase them and other new art–hopefully soon!

I’ve been having fun with the scrap wood by making kissy lips.  This one makes me think of Tom Wesselmann.

www.tphblog.comI made two pairs of the red lips below.  Anyone want a pair for your gallery wall?  If you do, go to my Instagram and find this photo below, leave a comment telling me where your first kiss was, and I will pick someone from the comments on Friday.  I’ll go first:  movie theater.  Gah, so romantic!

Kitchen Progress | Lights

Because of my blogging break last year I failed to show you the new kitchen island lights. (But they debuted on Instagram the day of installation…that’s why you should follow me there, too!)  Didn’t Chris do a great job on this decidedly unusual set-up?  I love that it is different from the norm.  You can read about the inspiration and design process in this post.
www.tphblog.comNow I’m down to art work and shelf arrangement.  Jenny Andrews Anderson is making us two paintings to hang on either side of the big window.  Some of her irises–will be gorgeous!

www.tphblog.comThe kitchen table is chairless at the moment because I FINALLY decided on a color in which to powder coat them, and they are now at the painter.  I wasn’t shy in my selection…here you go, one of these blues:

www.tphblog.comIf I’m being completely honest with you, somedays I wish I didn’t do the mint cabinets.  And somedays I love them.   But ever since I painted the panels for the dining room, it all made sense and the mint came into its own.  I still wish I could have done a marble slab for the backsplash.  That’s why we move, right?  To get second chances?  (We’re NOT moving!)

www.tphblog.comHopefully the chairs will be back soon and I can share the brilliance (or utter horror of my color choice…time will tell).

Some thank yous:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue for posting my butterfly and Cottage and Vine, too!

The English Room for posting our dining room!

Well, I’m hoping to pick up some of my mojo I had going a couple weeks ago.  But some sick kiddos had stomach viruses and an orthodontic emergency and fractured and sprained wrists that put a halt to my creative frivolities.  Everyone is thankfully on the mend now and the studio calls!

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