One Room Challenge | Week Four

Ladies and gents, it is getting hairy and there is no slowing down as we barrel through the last week and a half left of this challenge.  In the last 24 hours my wallpaper hanger ditched me and our order for floors ran too late.  No floors, paper still on a roll–that’s no way to dramatically pull the curtain back on a reveal.  And then!  I almost earned myself a traffic ticket speeding home from the mountains yesterday, but the officer kindly only shook his finger at me.

However!  I know how to say my decorating prayers, and by the end of Tuesday I had an enthusiastic new paper hanger lined up, and there will be floors!  Mike will install a basic pine floor that probably will not be sealed or painted because there isn’t time left for that, but there will be something on which to roll out the Overstock rug next week for photos.

This is real time, folks, photos from yesterday, take a look and see there has been so much progress but still so much left to do in a week and a half.  Mike, his crew, and his subs have been knocking it out like champs!  They are so dedicated to getting this all done and done right–we feel so blessed!
I LOVE the skylights!  So much light in this attic space! The following photo will soon be swathed in pretty wallpaper, walls and ceiling:Can’t wait to see this room trimmed out in Metrie shiplap–it arrives today!I’ve been collecting more pretties, like these chairs from Screendoor in Asheville…the orange is cool but not in good shape…
…so Stroheim sweetly rushed this oatmeal fabric, Hampton Texture in Magnolia, to recover the chair.  I think it will look like a big marshmallow when finished!I had envisioned a blue chair in the bedroom as seen in my original design board:But I am really loving the monochromatic, low-contrast with the Stroheim fabric better:

High fives to my upholsterer for agreeing to do this in a week!

The metal grid chairs might flank the walnut dropleaf table under the skylights…I don’t know.  I might do our white Bertoias instead, as planned.  Regardless, I’m excited to have these and might powder coat them a fun color and use by the pool.  The tile from Jeffrey Court came in–a lovely honed carrara for the floors and classic subway tile for the shower.I love it all with the Stroheim drapery fabric and the Farrow & Ball wallpaper in Feuille.  Modern Mountain Granny in full effect!Bedding is arriving daily.  You just can’t go wrong with a fluffy, white-dressed bed, duvet and down comforter from Overstock. Green stripe blanket.  Hem stitch sheets!  Textured towels–all from Overstock.  You can literally stock your whole home from their website!
Happy yellow mugs and water glasses, too, from the Big O!
What else can you get from Overstock, you ask?  Believe it or not, this carton and bag is our future bed–frame and mattress!  I know!  I can’t wait to unfurl that mattress and watch it fluff up!  Thank you, Overstock!Another lovely piece of art we received this week is this hand-painted platter from Jill Rosenwald–isn’t it beautiful?  It sits atop a wood table I picked up last week at Asheville’s Screendoor.So…it’s the final stretch!  Many, many thanks to Mike for working tirelessly on this space!  It is a bold endeavor and I’m so grateful that he has brought us this far!  Thank you, Linda, for the opportunity to hustle!

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One Room Challenge | Week Three

It’s Week Three, some may say “half way through,” but really it’s just like two weeks with the photos that need to happen.   I’m feeling a little anxious, but everyone is trucking along so I really shouldn’t worry.

Anyways, I’m so excited to stop in at the job site this week–tomorrow!  A lot has changed since last week so I can’t wait to share pics on ORC Week Four.  Until then, let’s take a look at the goodies I have been collecting for the big install.

The headboard I ordered from Chairish came in–so much good texture.
Remember the design board for the bedroom:

The wall starts to slant at the 50″ mark, following the roof line, and the headboard is a little taller than that.  So I am going to cut down the legs a bit for clearance.  I just hope the mattress still hits the curve just right.

Also in the design board above is the cheery Kate Roebuck print from the Chairish Print Shop, an ORC sponsor.  It arrived this week and the quality is so good, print and frame.  And I love the packaging so much!  Full disclosure…I also have art in the Print Shop so it was so fun to be on the receiving end of things!More good stuff for the walls arrived from Gillian Bryce Fine Art–beautifully elegant French watercolors.  This pic is from my Instagram stories…
These lovely ladies will hang in the bathroom atop this positively delightful frilly wallpaper from ORC sponsor Farrow & Ball:

Feuille is a classic blue and white pattern that is making me forget all about CrazyTown at my home.  I’m relishing doing something so different than my normal cup of highly-caffeinated tea.  The yellow velvet from Stroheim is currently at the workroom getting pinch-pleated into new drapes for the bathroom.  Oh, there will be drama!

There is one bold move I have up my sleeve and that is on the deck of the guest suite.  It arrived last week from ORC sponsor Stori Modern:

Nothing shy about this bright blue boy, the Tabloid sofa!  It’s the POP BOOM BANG that all that green of the mountain needs.  Saturated color, tightly woven, comfy cushions–thank you, Stori!  I’m also a huge fan of their Novel Collection.

Many thanks to Mike, our contractor, for keeping things moving on the job site.  Metrie trim arrives on Friday and Mohawk wood floors and the tile from Jeffery Court arrive soon after that.  And there is all kinds of goodies coming from Overstock, from a mattress to towels and bedding.  See you next week!

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Thank you, Linda, our host, for another week of motivation and to our sponsors for the goods to make the magic happen!

New Custom Lighting!

It took a village, but here is our new entry lighting–yellow, yellow, lemon jello–isn’t she fun?I had an idea of using these wedding-cake chandelier frames, that usually hold glass discs or glass cylinders, but use metal plates instead.  However, a chandelier frame I did not have.  Susie Q to the rescue!  Do you know Susie at MiNTY?  She sources some of the best vintage around (find her here and on Chairish).  Well, she had one of these frames available!  I cut templates out of poster board for the metal panels, and then I mailed them to my brother’s machine shop in Texas.  In no time he had the aluminum cut and back to me to be painted.  I went with a standard yellow at the local powder coating shop, Chris installed the light, and now the entry will never be the same!

Gotta love teamwork!  There have been lots of changes around here, stay tuned…

One Room Challenge | Week Four

It is Week Four of the ORC, as in FOUR THE LOVE of all that is pure and holy, will I finish this on time???  Photos happen in just over a week–that isn’t much time to finish.  But guess what?  For the first time in the ORC history, our host Linda is extended the challenge by a week!  Many featured designers are experiencing shipment and work delays due to the effects of the many natural disasters in the last several weeks.  Mark your calendars!  The new reveal date is November 15.  Guest participants will reveal on November 16.

So the best part of this One Room Challenge?  A surprise visit from my brother Ron!  Do you remember that he was working on a table for the ORC space?  When it came time to ship, he decided to drive it from Texas to Georgia!  We had a such great weekend with him.  And, the table, the table!  It is sooooooooooooo perfect.  I LOVE it.  Thank you, Ron!It is expertly crafted of aluminum, and it is already back from the powder coater in a beautiful shade of ivory.  It looks amazing painted!

The powder room bath is coming along.  Did you see on my Instagram that it is now RED?  The room completely changed with the paint and molding Chris put up, of course.  Many thanks to ORC sponsor Farrow & Ball for the paint in the vivid Incarnadine color.  It is Chris’ first time to use Farrow & Ball, and he was so impressed with the application.  “It practically paints itself,” he said.The floor of this space is the only section I did not do when I painted the basement floors 3 years ago.  But the small room was easy to complete Monday, another check on the list!

The process is so simple.  This is what you need for faux concrete stain:

  • Knee pads, oh you’ll want knee pads
  • latex gloves
  • paint roller
  • brush
  • paint pan
  • plastic grocery bags, inside out
  • H&C Concrete Sealer, Wet Look, tinted to desired shade

You can do two shades of sealer and mottle together–I did this at our mountain house with aqua and brown.  For the basement here I went with a charcoal-tinted sealer.

First, first, make sure the floors are as clean as possible.  In our experience it was best to sweep and vacuum repetitively rather than mop.  The mopping only seemed to make a paste with the dust.

For our basement, we had to do an opaque 4″ black border to cover the white paint we were not able to remove close to the baseboards.  It’s a necessary detail I love.  Chris applied the stripe in a Benjamin Moore floor paint.

I also used it to paint a stripe pattern in the alcove hallway.  Tape, tape, lots of tape.Once I was done with the opaque paint details, I started in with the tinted sealer.

  • First, take a day to roll on a coat of untinted sealer to create a slick surface on which to apply the tinted sealer.  If you skip this step, the tinted sealer will absorb quickly into the concrete and will be unworkable.
  • After the first coat dries a day, start in a corner and roll tinted sealer in about a 2×2′ or 3×3′ area, use a brush to apply sealer in corners and along baseboard.
  • Immediately blot the rolled sealer with a crumpled plastic grocery bag.  Make sure the bag is inside out so that the printing on the outside of the bag does not bleed onto your floors.  The bag makes a non-descript pattern on the floor that hides the brushstrokes/roller marks.
  • Feather out the wet edges so that there isn’t a hard line that dries while you work on other areas.
  • Work fast and blend as you go.

That’s it!  It is super easy!  You can go over the finished floor with an untinted sealer to add extra gloss if that is the look you’re after.  We did not since I was content with the sheen level we have.  It is an affordable DIY solution for bare concrete floors.  It has held up great!

Guess what I did on Monday when I did the bathroom floors??  I totally forgot about step 1 with the untinted sealer.  So, yes, the raw concrete floors completely sucked up the color and I had no time to work it out, AND it is now darker than the rest of the basement floors because of that.  Rookie mistake!  But I don’t mind it too much since it is contained in that room.

So, new things have arrived this last week, including this Petunia pendant from ORC sponsor Hayneedle:

Two of these will hang in the main hallway to the basement.  Three other large drum fixtures will hang in the guest room hallway, the Alston from Crystorama, another generous ORC sponsor:


These are large and in charge, mama!  Can’t wait to see them up.

I also picked up pillows from Designs by Sudi, who crafted the covers from this luxurious Orapa Dot fabric from Stroheim fabrics:

The beautiful yellow velvet pillow in the back is part of a pair from Arianna Belle, custom pillowery.  Check out her selection of pillows that can be customized–lovely fabrics!

I picked up the tulip table base from the powder coater–new granite top comes next week.  The upholstered console table is here and so cool, I love it!  Chris has the kitchen shelf up.  Some of the framing is done.  Wallpaper went in the bathroom yesterday.  And bathroom countertops go in next week.  Everything is moving right along!

Next week you’ll find me deep in cleaning, picture hanging, and overall styling bonanza (freaking out, I’m sure).  Thank you to our host, Linda of Calling It Home, for getting us motivated to make pretty rooms!

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