New Kitchen Shelves & Pendant Lights

The shelves and lights from Rejuvenation are finally up!  I love them!

Chris made the shelves out of a 2″ plank of red oak.  He left the edges fairly rough…

…but the tops smooth for easy cleaning.

Aren’t they beautiful?  I’m having fun figuring out what to put up there.  So far I’m loving the easy access of our plates and bowls on the lower shelf.

Here is a full shot of the rug from

I’m also playing with that little shelf above the stove.  Right now I have a little ornate mirror I bought at an estate sale way back in our Houston days…nothing like looking at myself while I cook.  But it is an efficient way to check my lipstick and hair status before my husband gets home from work…I’m old-fashioned like that.

Tell me, am I crazy to reconsider the crystal chandelier in here?  I like it but also feel it may take the kitchen in an opposite direction than I want.  Hmm…

I had promised the kids that as soon as the kitchen was done and cleaned up, we would bake something yummy.  They chose Lemon Coconut Cake from Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moscowitz (she’s kinda my hero).

Wanna see how it turned out?  Ugh!  Still good enough to eat…and when Daddy is out of town, we have a chunk of cake for dinner with some fruit and soysage.

This is what it really looks like when my Bundt pan isn’t being persnickety.  Yum, definitely one of my favorite desserts.  I top mine with a glaze from fresh lemon juice, vanilla, and powdered sugar.

Too bad we’ve eaten it already.