New Art and Jewelry in Shop!

New paintings on canvas and wood and one-of-a-kind earrings are in my shop today at 11am EST.  I hope you will check them out!

Earrings are a collaboration with Cynthia M. Cochran, who handcrafts and paints each one.

Ribbon Art

It must be the girlie in me that loves ribbons–but even so, I am trying to strip the ribbon of its girliness to a modern yet still playful form.  I’ve been putting them in my last few paintings:
www.tphblog.comwww.tphblog.comBut then I wanted to isolate the ribbon’s form by releasing it from the canvas and other superfluous imagery.  I wanted to cut one out of wood.  This is one for the guest room, just playing around:

www.tphblog.comIt wasn’t until recently that I had time to make more.  Did you see these on Instagram?

www.tphblog.comThere are more to come and a shop in which to purchase them and other new art–hopefully soon!

I’ve been having fun with the scrap wood by making kissy lips.  This one makes me think of Tom Wesselmann.

www.tphblog.comI made two pairs of the red lips below.  Anyone want a pair for your gallery wall?  If you do, go to my Instagram and find this photo below, leave a comment telling me where your first kiss was, and I will pick someone from the comments on Friday.  I’ll go first:  movie theater.  Gah, so romantic!

Large-Scale DIY Painting

It’s been nothing but taping and painting since I last saw you here!  I finally tackled the wood panels that Chris made for our dining room wall with candy-colored paints and a trusty level.  It’s mod, bright, and in-your-face–I love it! www.tphblog.comRemember the circle-shaped canvas?  It arrived and I’m still playing with it…but I moved it into this shot for fun.

www.tphblog.comI love the play of the white chandelier, pillows, and chairs with the room–it’s like reverse silhouette.

www.tphblog.comThe new wallpaper and painting are getting along just fine.

And,  I love the view of it from the kitchen.

Chris did the hard part by making the panels for me out of 1/4″ plywood and trimmed in bullnose 1x2s.  He put a cleat on the back of each panel and the wall out of 1x3s that holds the panels securely.  Next I went to the paint store and picked out the possible palette for the painting.


Once I knew my approximate colors, I color matched the paint cards with craft paint so I could play around with the colors on a small-scale mock up of the actual painting.


I painted the composition on small (but not proportional) canvases to get the general idea of what I wanted to do.


Then I jumped in and started painting, a slow and steady process of tape-paint-dry-repeat.IMG_6534

Those crisp edges are courtesy of the old paint trick of painting the tape your basecoat before painting your topcoat.  In the photo below I taped out the yellow to prepare for my next green layer, but before I added the green I sealed the edges of the tape with the yellow to prevent the green from seeping under the tape to the yellow layer below.  If any seepage occurred, it happened with the yellow onto the After I had my outer layers done, I moved the panels up to the dining room to finish the layers.  I wanted to see it come to life in the space and have the chance to see any changes I wanted to make ahead of time.IMG_6542Now I feel like we have a proper place to eat our quesadillas.

I’m off to the next project now–follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks.  Thank you for stopping by!

Flit and Flutter | A Butterfly

Wood cut-outs have a special place in my beating heart.  I’ve written about some I’ve made (or seen) before, and I have ventured my love of ribbon painting from canvas to wood in our guest bedroom–and I’m anxious to try more!

Then the need arose within me to make a butterfly cutout–no doubt inspired by Chassie Post’s butterfly room as seen in Domino years ago on that classic Schumacher wallpaper.

I gave a little peek on my Instagram of the butterfly in progress, but now it is finally done and flitting about the house to show you some ways in which you might need a butterfly at your home.  Like above the sofa, but don’t hang it crooked like me:
www.tphblog.comAbove the

Above a chest or console in an entry or hallway:
www.tphblog.comAbove your work desk:

Above your bed:

Okay, the bedroom was a stretch–I just propped it on the bed because it wouldn’t fit anywhere.  I better not show this pic to my daughter or she may find it hard to sleep for fear of the giant lepidopteran snuggling in on her pillows and possibly devouring her.

This one may go live above the bed at the cottage:www.tphblog.comI think this butterfly needs to be aged and distressed a bit while my husband thinks it could be brighter.  But that’s the cool thing, butterfly art can be as various as there are flutterflies.  Don’t you think you need one?  Of all the colors and shapes and patterns, there’s one for you, darlin’!  Let me know if I can make you one!

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