Buffalo, Check!

Have you noticed the buffalo checks in print lately?

[House Beautiful; Windsor Smith, designer; Victoria Pearson, photographer]

[House Beautiful; Gideon Mendelson, designer; Eric Piasecki, photographer]

I’ve had those two swatches of fabric up on that headboard in our guest room for a while now–trying to decide what I want to do a new headboard slipcover in.  Don’t you think a slipcover for an upholstered headboard used in a guest room is a good idea?  Or am I the only germ freak in the room?  (Not that my guests have germs, but, you know.)  I have that midcentury dresser in my studio, still awaiting its makeover for this room…kinda ala the image above.

Glad the snow is melting here in Georgia.  Y’all heard about our big snow, right?  I hope  you all will have a great week ahead–I plan to!

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  1. That kitchen… love. And a slipcover in the guest room, most certainly… I think it makes the guest feel at ease (comforting upholstery & peace of mind about cleanliness!).

  2. Slip covers everywhere and forever. Buffaloes everywhere? I don’t know; I just don’t know.

  3. I absolutely love that green kitchen with the b-check ceiling!! I have buffalo check curtains that I have used in my previous house and in my current house–I just love them. Is that a solid yellow swatch and a yellow toile on the headboard–can’t quite make them out.

    • Karen Tyner says:

      Like the slipcover idea-keeps the natural oils that accumulate from sitting up reading in bed in check, if nothing else. The yellow/gold will be great visually. Show us when it’s done!

  4. I’m loving all the buffalo check! It’s always fun when trendy is also classy and traditional! Can’t wait to see the new slipcover!

    On another note… the pillows on your guest bed are scaled really nicely (not sure if that’s the right wording but…). I have fabric to make a large lumbar pillow for our master bed (king), but don’t know what size insert to order. I see pictures all over that I love, but it’s hard to tell the sizing. The only thing I’ve found so far is a 20 x 60 or 20 x 72 body pillow or a 10 x 72 neckroll. And although the neckroll sizing seems better, I’m not too sure about any of them. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Peggy says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. I want that kitchen! Yes, slipcovers. Anything that can be washed is a good idea.

  6. your decorating is scrumptious, as always.
    I have a soft spot for Buffalo check. We had built-ins, growing up, lined with buff. check wallpaper. navy and white.
    love it.

  7. I did a buffalo check in a client’s home last year….spectacular!
    Go for it Girl!

  8. yep still like what I am seeing here.

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