Better Homes & Gardens, January 2013 | Who’s Who!

You’ve got to pick up the January 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens and see three of my friends featured!  Granted, one I haven’t met in person, but she has been to the cottage, so that counts, right, Edie?  Congratulations to Edie, Darlene, and Erika for their beautiful features!

When I showed my kids this page with Erika and her children, I said, “Look who is in this magazine.”

“Miss Erika?  Wow, she’s famous…is she teaching school to her kids?”  And that’s what my kids think, that every design-loving mom also homeschools.  Go ahead and add that to your impressive list of things you do, Erika!

Check out Darlene’s Better Homes & Gardens post on defining a signature style–brilliant pointers to get you and your home in the right direction.  I know some talented people, y’all.

So proud of these ladies!

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