Arte Party

It’s hard to post a party in this Pinterest age…especially when one is living with all belongings in storage and every minute needs to be spent on house decisions and not party planning.  But this is my girl we’re talking about.  It’s her summer for a party (my kids who all have summer birthdays rotate who gets the party every year–to save some Mommy sanity).  So we made some compromises and did our best…we’re talking Capri Suns and chips served from the bag.


She wanted an art party–but I certainly couldn’t throw a painting party in our rental.  So we used a community building…and we spun this fiesta de arte Mexican style.  My daughter helped me fill the buckets and made the name tags herself.  And candy dipping pretzels was the job only an 8 and 5-year-old could do.

Thankfully I had some fabric at the rental that I reserved for my daughter’s sewing class.  I used some remnant to cover some folding chairs I borrowed…stapled on, frayed edges and all.  And, I threw some on the wall for our shrine to Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter.

Each party guest had a bucket-o-supplies and canvas pre-drawn with their portraits.  With a brief explanation of Frida’s self-portraiture (homeschool moms die hard), I turned the girls loose to created their own

I printed their portraits onto paper and transferred their images by rubbing the back of the paper with pencil and then tracing their portraits onto canvas.  Graphite paper works, too, but mine is in…storage!  I didn’t draw in their hair so they could do it as they wished.

Absolutely, we totally paint red lips first!

We had fruit, quesadillas, grocery store cupcakes on the obligatory artist palette.

Their portraits turned out adorable!  This friend made herself an angel–love it!

None of the girls wanted to paint in their noses.  I get it, noses are intimidating.

We pulled it off with help from the world’s best sitter and borrowing a few kitchen items from the rental house.  And, I didn’t end up embarrassing my daughter with my Frida-inspired party dress.  It’s probably a good idea I didn’t draw on the unibrow and ‘tache.

Did any of you Atlantans catch the Frida & Diego show here in the spring?  I find it is a little more challenging to drum up excitement in the children for art exhibits the older they get.  But I prattle on anyway, talking about the Museo de Dolores Olmedo with the peacocks and the xoloitzcuintli and Casa Azul and Frida and Diego’s side-by-side houses connected with a sky bridge.  Throw in a little Rockefeller and communism–wait!  And I wonder why I can’t drum up excitement?


But then I walk by and hear the two older kids talk about the bridge connecting their two houses on Minecraft, “just like Frida and Diego’s,” and then I know, oops, I did it again!

In my next life I will be a xoloitzcuintle.  Because being Angelina Bearded Lady from Ukraine isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


  1. Good Lord…that is such a cute idea for a party….you are pretty incredible:)

  2. Adorable!!! J is lucky to have such a creative mama like you!

  3. Sonya says:

    Glorious celebration in the midst of a chaotic time in your lives – God must truly be sustaining you through all of the change! My favorite details of this pictured bash are the lacey banners – bought or created?? do spill and while you are at it – your stand out necklace boasts my favorite color combination – where found, please??

  4. karen tyner says:

    You are so totally resourceful! I love what you put together for your daughter in the midst of busyness. She should feel loved. The Frida and Diego picture board is wonderful and your two look adorable in their likeness!

  5. Peggy says:

    What a darling party idea. I know she loved it. That was a lot of work!

  6. Aunt Cristal says:

    That’s an awesome party your threw her! I know she loved it! My neice has a great mommy!

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