A Few Room Service Links

Monday night, November 5th, is the Open House for the Room Service project at the United Methodist Children’s Home.  If you are in the area, come see how a dated and dark space has been revitalized…and dressed to the nines, by the way.

I know you want to come see the painted refrigerators–there are four!  People with ugly and/or ho-hum fridges, take note!  How cute is this?

Room by Heather Hogan Roberts

Room by Lisa Gabrielson & Jennifer Schoenberger

If you are unable to come to the Open House, take a tour on these links:

Lori and Rhoda blog about our room–and Rhoda has lots of photos of the other spaces.

See Sherry Hart’s spacious living room here and other rooms here.

Annette Joseph offered up a Navy-inspired room.

Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole pay tribute to Atlanta icons in their lounge and conference room.

Everyone went all out–with time, effort, and financial support–and every space is a gorgeous after.  Working alongside all these creative people was a real blessing for me, and I can’t wait for the next Room Service project next year.  Sign me up!

My hat is off to Dayka Robinson and Erika Ward for organizing this epic project and coordinating a bunch of artists and designers…that can’t be easy, right?

Thank you also to Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for hosting a fun party last week at their Buckhead showroom.  My husband and I were moved by the testimonies of the staff and a resident at UMHC.  It is our hope that the young men will find their new digs cozy, homey, and an encouragement as they venture into adulthood.

When we left the party, my oldest son said, “There wasn’t one unfriendly person there!”  That pretty much sums it up at a Room Service project!

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