A Cozy Chair for Reading

I will never, ever romanticize homeschooling to anyone.  It. Is. Hard…for me, at least.  But there are so many perks or we wouldn’t keep going.  It was the following scene that had me thinking to myself, “Yes, this is one of the prime reasons why we homeschool.”

A cozy chair, a good book, time in which to leisurely read, and a soft kitty to pet all the while–what’s not to like about this school?  But this is just a snippet…remember, no glorifying here.  But I am reveling in a good moment–keeps the fire going, you know.

And if you have ever toured someone around your house, telling them the stories behind every single furnishing and thingamabob, assuming that they sincerely care about your ramblings–and I have done this to be sure–then please read the following excerpt from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.  I had dogeared this passage last school year for its charming depiction of someone (like me) very house proud.  It is the first time that Rat sees his friend Mole’s house.

Then, while the Rat busied himself fetching plates, and knives and forks, and mustard which he mixed in an egg-cup, the Mole, his bosom still heaving with the stress of his recent emotion, related–somewhat shyly at first, but with more freedom as he warmed to his subject–how this was planned, and how that was thought out, and how this was got through a windfall from an aunt, and that was a wonderful find and a bargain, and this other thing was bought out of laborious savings and a certain amount of ‘going without.’  His spirits finally quite restored, he must needs go and caress his possessions, and take a lamp and show off their points to his visitor and expatiate on them, quite forgetful of the supper they both so much needed; Rat, who was desperately hungry but strove to conceal it, nodding seriously, examining with a puckered brow, and saying, ‘wonderful,’ and ‘most remarkable,’ at intervals, when the chance for an observation was given him.

Isn’t that such a great passage?  I love “that was a wonderful find and a bargain.”  Mole needed to keep a blog.  And, Rat, what a gracious guest.

This year our literature selection started with the slightly darker The Time Machine by H. G. Wells.  We are two chapters away from finishing.  The kids have been troopers through it–I’ve found it fascinating.  This morning we finished Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, which we have been reading in the evenings.  Heaven help me if I didn’t fight back tears with all my might last night reading them the chapter when Charlotte dies.  Darn, I’m such a sap!  I thought for sure I would be all over it by the morning when I read about Wilbur returning to his pen without Charlotte–darn!  I was fighting the tears again.  Don’t even get me started on the polar bear mom and cubs we saw this weekend in the IMAX movie.  Darn!

So yeah, homeschooling can be tough; but having this extra time to read with them is one of my very favorite parts.

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