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One Room Challenge | Week 4

Week F-O-U-R of the One Room Challenge!  I’m a linking participant, you know that, over at Calling It Home–thank you, Linda!  Check out the other participants and featured designers.

This is what is done:

Remember the Target table?  I did some stripety stripes on it.  It will go by the window seat.IMG_7946

The trim is painted!  Although it took them a good four coats to do it.  I love the red room from baseboard to crown.  It’s dramatic–and cozy, too.IMG_7943

Chris is busy working on the built-ins.  Can’t wait to see how that changes the space.IMG_7944

I picked up half of the pillow order from Sudi–such beautiful work!  Here they are in the sleeping alcove:IMG_7896

And the ceiling…I had hoped to show you that this week, but I had another idea!  Wall decals.  I know.  So they arrived yesterday and I figured I would see if the decals could give the same effect I am after with paint…bars

I threw a few on the ceiling to test–I like it!  No painting for me.  I’ll show you the ceiling strewn with the black bars next Thursday.  (I used 1″ black tape from Walls Need Love, which I cut in half to make 1/2″ bars.)

The rug comes tomorrow.  And once the trim has time to cure, I’ll hang the woven wood shades.  Those two layers will really texturize the space for you to see next Thursday.  The sofa also comes next week!  If only the Clarence House fabric makes it in for the ottoman upholstery.

Overall, I’m feeling good about completing the room in time.  Famous last words…

One Room Challenge | Week 3

This really feels like it’s happening now–with the red walls!  The One Room Challenge linking participants are now at week three of the project.  Check out all the fellow linkers at Linda’s place–we’re all working our booties off!

Since last ORC post, I painted the walls, and the trim painter starts tomorrow.  I LOVE the deep burgundy walls.  It really makes the space a destination on the top floor.  You can see that the white trim paired with this paint color dates the room to 1990s-early-2000s dining room status.  But painting the trim in the same color will modernize the color and look–I’ll show you next week!

In other news, the West Elm Parsons table came in…but I noticed it was damaged after my daughter and I put it together.  Always inspect first, note to self.  West Elm was great about issuing another table.  The blinds arrived and will go in next week after the trim painters are done.  Fabric is in for the window seat cushion–will get that to the upholsterer tomorrow.  Chris starts on the built-ins today.  Rug is in–just needs to be cut and bound.  So, all in all, we’re trucking along, toot-toot!

IMG_9308IMG_9309IMG_9318The paint store told me that this color could only be mixed in semi-gloss–hence the sheen in the photos.  They have told me this the last two times I purchased this color, once for the sleeping alcove and another for the computer nook.  So I guess I believe them, ha.  But, ugh, it’s like a bad lacquer job.  Poor man’s lacquered walls.  Every imperfection and my lack of painting skills show.

Are you following the featured designers in the ORC?  I have some favorites I am really excited about.  That is some good stuff right there!

Next week I hope to show you the ceiling on which I will paint lots of black lines.  Wish me luck!

In Miami | Wynwood Walls

With real estate developer Tony Goldman in charge, the blighted Wynwood neighborhood in Miami found redemption in his plan of paint-toting saviors.  Since 2009, street artists from all over the world have been invited to leave their mark on the walls throughout Wynwood, creating a dreamscape of delicious urban delirium–color, pattern, oddities, all painted on the exteriors of otherwise-forgotten warehouses.pic4We wandered the area last Sunday morning–when shops and restaurants were closed.  With the streets devoid of people and cars, we felt like we had this otherworld all to ourselves.
pic22pic20pic13Block after block, split by intersections of patched asphalt and spray-painted sidewalks, we walked in a place where art saves the day.  Art as hero.  Color as king.  pic7pic10www.tphblog.compic23pic8 pic9pic3pic6It is a must-see if you are in Miami.  And, go on a Sunday morning to walk within a dream.www.tphblog.comwww.tphblog.comTo know more about the original Wynwood Walls and the surrounding buildings, check out the website.

One Room Challenge | Week 2

Ladies and the one gentleman who reads this blog, it’s week two here for the guest participants of the One Room Challenge (you can see the space in week one here).  Fellow brave souls and I are each transforming one space in six weeks, finishing on May 11 and 12.  That’s no big deal if you are buying a bed-in-a-bag and a new Kleenex-box cover.  But many people are doing major construction.  I’d say mine is more on the light end of things–let me show

This is a rough estimation of how the space will look.  Classic Burgundy by Benjamin Moore will cover the walls and trim.  Kelly Wearstler’s Channels stands in for a black and white ceiling treatment I’m already regretting.  Because neck and arm.  Chris will build an L-shaped window seat–almost 15 feet of seating–that connects to a new TV cabinet he is building as well.  Chris is also making an ottoman to be covered in Aimee by Clarence House, but the fabric is on backorder until the end of the month so we’ll see if it makes it in time for upholstery.

Besides the ceiling treatment, I’m hoping to make a painting to go above the built-in seat beside the TV cabinet.  I also plan to paint this Target table in a black and white stripe:target

I am going to paint the walls but hire out the trim (I’m no dummy).

Things that are ordered and checked off the list:
blinds Woven wood shades by should arrive the end of April.  I went with the top sample in the color Inlet Hammock.  They will send you up to 10 samples for free!  I like that it has white and a natural wood color to pick up the wood floors–and, texture!

A scratchy seagrass and flatweave rug have covered the playroom floor since we moved in–poor kids just wanna roll around on the floor!  So, I’ve ordered a fluffy white shag rug for the kids’ rolling delight.
carpetBecause putting a white rug in a playroom isn’t daring enough, I’ve also ordered a white sofa for the space.  Really, I’m more worried about the cats throwing up on all the white than the kids messing it up.  We’ll see.  The sofa is the Piazza from CB2.  It is extra deep, like a twin bed, and will offer more sleeping space for sleepovers in addition to the sleeping alcove down the hall.Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.44.54 AMA new table for the kids arrived from West Elm–the Parsons table in black.  The red cantilever chairs in the design board are similar to ones we already have.

Most of the pillow order has been placed–Sudi of Designs by Sudi is making all the pillows for the space in blue velvet, white linen, yellow velvet, and a black and white splatter fabric I made in the studio with 2 yards of cotton canvas, diluted latex paint, and a salad oil dispenser.splatterThe only things left to order is the lighting–overhead and the eyeball sconce for the window seat.

Now that the kids are older–12, 10, and 8–I wanted the room to be able to grow with them.  My oldest will be in high school (!) in the fall so the room couldn’t feel too childish, but I still want the room to be fun.  The bones of the room will be easy to coordinate with more mature design as the years pass–yes, even those red walls, I think!  My design thought process on the space was to color block as much as possible and leave the pattern to one main upholstery statement piece, the ottoman, and let the rest of the pattern come from the gallery wall full of art.  The monochromatic look of the red chairs against the red wall was another conscious decision about minimizing contrast in parts of the room.

Next week will be all about painting–the walls, the furniture, the art.  Seeing the room all red will make me feel like we are making progress!

All this work on the new playroom has me nostalgic for the playroom in the last house.  It was such a fun little space we carved out of a low-ceiling, drab, ranch house basement–complete with little mid-century modern playhouses!

That’s it for this week!  Thank you again to Linda of Calling it Home for hosting!