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Dining Room | Old is New Again

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms of the house–even though it is missing some key pieces.  I call it The Axis of Evil because it is dark and moody and all the other rooms of the main floor spoke off this space.  But usually I call it The Dining Room.  We eat in here a lot, especially when it’s cold and the fire is blazing.  The room is also where we play our almost-nightly Uno, Skip-Bo, or Phase10 games.  We’re super fun like that.

You can see a dining room progress post here.  Since I wrote that post, my large bird painting flew off to live at the cottage and I repurposed an old cabinet to hold our extra dishes and such.
www.tphblog.comI had the cabinet built back in 2005 to hold our TV in our North Carolina house.  Such good memories at that house…
www.tphblog.comAnd, then, when we moved to Georgia, we used it in the dining room.

www.tphblog.comAnd, then…(do your kids tell “And, Then…” stories, like mine do?) it received a new paint job when I moved it to the loft.

www.tphblog.comIt has served us well through the years.www.tphblog.comAnd, then, for the latest adaptation, Chris transformed it for us into something playful with the oversized knobs and added trim.  It feels great to use something we already had.  I bought the cool lamps from the one and only Sherry Hart at the Atlanta Blogger Tag Sale awhile back.  I love them.  Chris also built the pedestal by the window.  He’s the best!

I hauled in my daughter’s chair cushion to get a feel of yellow artwork here.  It just seems like the art needs to be yellow in this room.

Okay, who wants to sit down and play a game of Uno with me?  We need to do something to celebrate:  I just posted three days in a row!

New Entry Bench

I’ve been on the lookout for a statement chair to sit next to the entry chest.  I had a tall mid-century find in mind.  But then it occurred to me that a bench might be a nice alternative, and don’t you know it, I found one the next day!  That’s when I know I’ve been good about saying my prayers.

I bought the chest at Round Top 10 years ago, right as we were moving from Texas to the North Carolina mountains.  It’s a good piece, solid and classic.  It was loaded with stuff on and around it in our last house, the 50s rancher, here in Georgia.

Less is more in the new house.  I’m more interested in silhouettes than abundance.  The faux bamboo chairs now reside in our closet, and I put a little vintage tufted number as a placeholder, which I like a lot, until I found the perfect chair.   Placeholders are helpful in satisfying me in the wait for “the one,” but it has to be pretty darn good so not to throw me off course.  For example, my beloved cubist cat lamp with the orange shade had to go into hiding until I could replace the shade.  I happened to have an all-white lamp to use as a placeholder in the meantime so my brain could rest easy.  Sometimes, if I don’t have an adequate placeholder, I go without (Oh, the humanity! Where is the sad violin music?)www.tphblog.comAh, a new white shade:www.tphblog.comAnd if you aren’t cutting free branches yet from your trees to kapow your spaces, begin.

At first I didn’t buy the bench (actually had the keys in the ignition to drive away) because it is about the same length as the chest.  But then I decided it was too good to pass up and certainly there were other spots in the house to fit the bench if it didn’t work in the entry.  Their matched length doesn’t bother me now that it’s home.  The kids think it’s a slide, of course.

www.tphblog.comMy painting, Eve, opposite the chest

All that is left to do in the entry is paint the ceiling–blue, I think–buy a rug, and pick a runner for the stairs.  I’m leaning toward black and white stripes for the stairs.  And, the rug, I’m liking this blue one I pulled in from the side entry, just to see.  Connecting the colors, room to room…I like how it plays with the newly-upholstered blue chairs in the living room.


More little updates to come this week.  Thanks, y’all, for stopping by!