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Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 6

Things are winding down in the guest room–on target with a comfy bed and fresh towels come next Thursday.  We’re just waiting on the window shades that will hopefully come in next week.

I was able to knock out the mural this week.  It was so much fun to paint, and I love the softness it adds to the space.

www.tphblog.comWe’ll put the mattress down this weekend and get the bed all fluffy and cozy.

I framed remnants of a quilt I bought last summer in these great gold-colored aluminum frames from Room & Board.
www.tphblog.comThere is still one more piece of art I’d like to finish next week–I’ll try!  This is the last update post before the reveal–let’s do it hopefully in the first week of December when the chandelier is installed.  Thank you for following along!  It has been an adventure, for sure, for me.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, y’all!

Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 5

Given my buffoonery confidence at the beginning of this project, I really was surprised when self-doubt pounced on me last weekend.  Man, I was all over that red bed when it arrived last Friday, but then…the weekend whispered to me, maybe it’s too red?  Too much?  Bedrooms are for resting and calm and peace.  But, let me kick you out the door, this is the guest room where we are providing a fun experience for travelers escaping their norm.  After we set the bed up on Monday, I was feeling good again about the very vivid red bed.  And, no, no photos today!  Because I’m mean.

But this reminds me of a funny I saw on Jamie Meares’ instagram (paraphrased):

The Creative Process

  1. This is awesome.

  2. This is tricky.

  3. This is poo.

  4. I am poo.

  5. This might be okay.

  6. This is awesome.

I am currently at #5.

So, I’ll be quick because I have someone special coming to see me and I need to go ice my chocolate cake.

The basement floors are all finished!  I am so HAPPY about this!  Now I can work on my mural, which I will attempt to finish before Thanksgiving.  I do believe I’ve decided on an over-scaled floral scene.  I took a bajillion photos from every angle of my springtime peonies because I knew I’d paint them someday.  My hillbilly printer has provided me with some perfectly soft images for reference.  I’m hoping for a soft billowy effect behind the graphic red bed.  Please say a prayer for me, will ya?

In other news, I’ve ordered bedding and picture frames, cut 2x4s for the bed support, and ordered a chandelier…that is backordered until December.  Of course.

I’m mulling over art for the frames.  I’ve always wanted to use these two hotties somewhere, side by side–maybe in the guest room.

That is my father on the left and my maternal grandfather on the right.  My father, in Brazil, is 20 years old in this photo–and I’m guessing my grandfather is 20, also, but in Japan, I think.  They were only 7-8 years apart in age–my dad robbed the cradle.

I’m also printing these photos, too, just in case I want to use them.  My dad totally needed an Instagram account.  He was handsome, knew it, and knew how to compose a photo.  These were taken in Brazil, where he was born and raised.  There are more hot brazilians here and www.tphblog.comOh, and, I was just joking in the last post about the red draped wall.  (Major side eye)  Thank you for believing me.  But, really, I’m just trying not to be mad at you for not saying, “Don’t do it!”  I’m doing a very tasteful and subdued ivory instead.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about Shelby’s armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias with that red fabric and gray walls.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.48.45 PMOne last thing…this apartment has been on my mind as I think about the guest room and my house in general.  It is the Milan home of designer-architect Gae Aulenti in Dwell magazine June 2014.  Colorful sophistication, playful and arty academia.  I like looking at these photos.

dwell magazine by leslie williamson

dwell magazine by leslie williamsonphotos by Leslie Williamson

I’ve been following along with Linda’s One Room Challenge–did you see all the reveals last week?  Good, good stuff.

See you next week when I hopefully will report progress on the floral mural.  I’ll post some sneak peeks on Instagram.  Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 4

After not being allowed downstairs during the painting process, the kitties climbed and sniffed themselves into a blissful cat coma earlier in the week when I started moving things into the guest room.FullSizeRender

Since the last guest room post, I have focused on procuring a few goodies for the space.  As Serendipity would have it, I found these perfect laminate triangle tables as a side venture–when I took my kids into Paris on Ponce to show them the event venue last weekend.  “Well, we’re here…let’s just look around.”  They don’t call me SneakyPants for

I turned all bossy on those tables and told them to get into my car pronto because I know how opposites attract, especially when paired with a gilded rope settee.

The same vendor had two perforated pieces–one as a side table and the other as a pedestal.  I bought them both.  Greedy.   My design crush adores perforation, and, therefore, I love it, too.  #nomindofmyown  I like this one layered in front of the black dresser.  I’ll clean it up with a new coat of spray paint.

And…AND…the bed was delivered this morning!  It is red, like so red.  But…BUT…it is perfect.  I love it and LOVE how the room is coming together.

Marlowe PI, Psniffer Investigator (the P is silent, dawgs)

On what borderline could be a psychological condition, I colored in four mural thoughts for the room.  I gravitate to the idea of something organic and soft to temper the hard geometric pattern of the shower and the bed.  Originally the mural was tonal gray in my mind, but now I am thinking gray with a soft grayed-blue ground.  I’m still not convinced this will happen before Thanksgiving–but I hope it will.

www.tphblog.comFabric came in this week, too.  Not sure why I’m showing this, however, as the colors on the velvet are completely inaccurate–it’s not berry.  The linen on the bottom scares me, guys.  But if you can’t go big and dramatic in the guest room, then what is life for, really?  The darker velvet will be a long, simple bolster on the bed–a couple shades darker than the red of the bed, and it will also cover a round pillow for the settee.

The red linen is for a completely draped wall in the entry of the guest room.  Do you remember the wall with the door to the mechanical room?  I finally decided the wall needed something soft, and Bill, who makes our drapes, said it might be possible to complete before Thanksgiving.  So, I ordered from Gray Line Linen without seeing a swatch…because I walk, no, dance, that line of danger.  But I think it will do its job of being dramatic, for sure.  Red Rum.  If it fails miserably, you saw it here first

I used Gray Line, also, for the linen wall-o-drapes in our bedroom.  The price can’t be beat, especially when it comes to needing lotsa yardage.

www.tphblog.comI kinda don’t miss furniture with all those trees out there.

When the guest room is done, I’ll list sources and explain any DIYs.  If you are interested in the concrete finish, you can find more information in this post–but I’ll post more about it separately soon.

I have been participating (although, with a late start) in Linda’s One Room Challenge.  It has been Reveal Week for everyone else…as I still plug along.  The rooms are AMAZING, as to be expected with that talented crowd.  Go poke around and see the loveliness.

Well, have a great weekend ahead, y’all!  I will cozy up with my family and enjoy this chilly weather.  See you on Instagram until the next post!