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Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 3

Happy Halloween, y’all!  I’m trick-or-treating tonight as Awkward, Gangly, Tall, Hairy Girl–how about you?  (I had all the dates in high school, by the way.)

If all those boy snubs could see me now!  I think they would be jealous of my husband and the stripes that I laid down for him in his basement lounge.  Maybe.  Let’s just say that hair removal is still on the payroll.

This space is officially outside of the guest room, but I’m going ahead and dropping it in here for the One Room Challenge because the door there opens up to the guest room where you can see the FINISHED(!) concrete floors, which will cure for a week or so before I move furniture back in.www.tphblog.comI took this photo above before I applied the first coat of sealer in the rest of the basement this morning.  Two more coats and I will be done with the nightmare floors here.  But I am happy with how the floors ultimately turned out: www.tphblog.comThis grey should be versatile and easy to clean–plus the mottled finish knocks back a multitude of surface imperfections.

The rug arrived yesterday:  color and pattern work.  But!  I realized after I ordered it that the bed has side rails that hit the floor the full perimeter of the bed, which means that it can’t sit half on, half off on the rug.  So this rug may go in the TV lounge.

The bed is now at the powder coating shop getting her red dress on.  I can’t wait to see it!  It was a difficult decision, but I went with the Ruby Red below.


Next up: deciding on a mural idea for the bed wall.  Abstract pattern or scene or, my weakness, a floral pattern?  I’ll play around with it next week.  I really hope to finish the mural and another piece of art before Thanksgiving…will it happen??  Don’t forget to check out the other One Room Challenge participants.  See you, until next time, on Instagram!

Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 2

It’s actually happening:  here I am a week later as promised for Linda’s One Room Challenge.  Amazed.

Hunting and gathering, that is what is going on around here at the moment for the guest room.  I’m searching for the perfect bed coverlet and fabric for the bed bolster.  I have ordered this rug, but I’m a little nervous about it being the wrong color and pattern.  Time will tell.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.44.40 PMTaylor Geo Rug | Pottery Barn

I found this fabulous Deco dresser for the room at Screen Door in Asheville a few months ago.  It’s been hanging out in the dining room until the guest room is finished.

Dusty shoe prints

Aren’t the rubbed gold handles beauties?  (I have this Greek key mirror, from Ballard Design Outlet, propped up here until it finds its forever home.)

Lights on, I have been loving the idea of layered lamps on one surface.  I will use this IKEA globe lamp, but I’m just trying out this vintage lamp for a look-see (found at Scott Antique Market years ago).  The black linen fabric from Lewis & Sheron is for the window treatment in the guest

Smoke alarm

Let’s look at those mismatched windows, shall we?www.tphblog.comThey are not the same height, which, no big deal, we are going to conceal with same-height cornice boards.  The problem comes with the fact that the windows are not the same distance off the floor (oh, builder of this house, why?) so that the roman shades will never be drawn up at the same height.  The OCD precisionist in me will get over it, possibly.  If you know a solution to this problem, please TELL ME.

In other news, the floors are ready for me to start the decorative finish.  Check out the new black border:

Chris has busted his knees removing the white paint from these floors.  But his sander could only get so close to the baseboard without damaging the baseboards, which we didn’t want to spend the time or money to remove.  Our solution to the residual white paint that ran along all the walls is this 4″ slap-your-mother black band of paint.  I didn’t know how much I would love it!  Just another happy accident on the list.

Sweet kitty paw prints

This box above that Chris is painting is in the grasscloth alcove–I’m hoping to paint a pattern on the floor here before Thanksgiving…as well as a mural in the guest room.  So Angela is feeling ambitious, eh?

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Chris for being willing to clean up so many of the messes here after the remodel.  Truly a lifesaver!

I hope to start the decorative finish this weekend, which will be a dark gray so there won’t be as much contrast with the black band as there is now.  It feels so good to have this space almost usable, finally!

See you next week, or earlier on Instagram!  Don’t forget to catch up with the other ORC participants.

Guest Room by Thanksgiving

Inspired by the current One Room Challenge (ORC) hosted by Linda of Calling It Home, I am jumping in, a little late, to participate.  The guest room:

I am going to post updates weekly on this space.  I’ve had this project in the works anyway with my in-laws coming for Thanksgiving…so I hope committing to a weekly post will be the blog kick in the pants I need.  The photo above is the current state of the guest room.  “Wait, Angela, didn’t you finish your remodel, like, a year ago?  What’s the dealio with the dust and stuff.”  Oh, you, (heavy sigh), yes, you are right: what is the dealio, House?!?  The house is raging against me, doing all it can to prevent me from getting to the fun, pretty endeavors I so desire.

We discovered earlier in the year that the paint on the basement floor needed to be removed.  Poor prep, poor adhesion.  Chris saved our day by sanding all the paint off–not a fun job for him.  Before we redo the floor finish, Chris is also working on deadening the sound coming through our guest room ceiling.  Hopefully soon I’ll be on my knees decorative painting 1200 square feet of concrete–want to come help?

In the meantime, here is the plan:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.54.32 PM

I’m building the room around this bed I found on Craigslist.  This is the half-photo listing of the bed when I found it:bed

The bed is still thanking me for saving it from its forced marriage with Grandma Pearl.

Unfortunately from the half-photo I could not tell that the “brass” finish is rubbing off–it can’t be saved.  But, really, that just gives me the perfect excuse to powder coat that bed in red.

The candle holder stands in here for the bed, on a frontrunner rug from Pottery Barn.  I will probably use the pillows (Soleil Bleu Laguna) from our ranch living room.  And, the rope settee from the ranch guest room will also make an appearance.  The gorgeous hand-painted velvet pillow on the bottom is an art pillow I found in Tetbury, England, on my September biking trip.  I love how the chartreuse and purple play in.  But!  I’m trying to be more low-key here than our last circus guest room, which also was a finish-before-Thanksgiving challenge back in 2011.

What probably won’t be done in time is the entry space to the guest room.  It is an awkward basement hallway that we enclosed to the guest room for a sitting area and the guest closet.  www.tphblog.comI don’t want to rush and settle for the furniture here so I’ll just clean it up and be patient for the right pieces to come along.  A daybed would fit perfectly on the left, in front of the door to our mechanical room, and offer additional sleeping for a guest’s child.  I have plans to cover the door with something decorative yet easy to remove for access.

The guest bathroom will just need a good cleaning and the floors redone…then the fun, finally!

That’s it for today!  I’ll post on Fridays about the room’s progress, and you can follow the official ORC participants on Linda’s blog.  Catch me on Instagram in the meantime.  Happy weekend, y’all!