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The Room Service Afters!


Our cars didn’t pull out of the United Methodist Children’s Home campus until 8:30 pm Friday night–after a full, fun week of transforming three rooms of the young men’s dormitory.  I’m pretty sure my partners, Lori and Rhoda, have spent this last weekend exhausted just like I did.  But it is so much fun and wonderful to be around all those other creative types.

So, on with the photos–albeit horrible because it was twilight when I took them.

The entry:

Remember the before?

New black and white VCT was donated for the entry and main hallway.  Checkered floors are such a classic, right?  My bird painting hangs above the chest from Habitat for Humanity that Chris painted for us.  A coat of white spray paint refurbished Lori’s old lamps.

“We need more things for the wall,” I said.

“A shield mirror framed in brass would look great,” said Lori.

“Yeah, you go find that.”

And what does she find?  A shield…with black velvet and mini swords!  On a serendipitous stop at an antique store next to where she picked up our drapes, she found this shield and promptly texted it to me and Rhoda.  A coat of white paint makes it pop against the paneling.  It is one of those ludicrous objects that is just perfect for the room.  It makes me chuckle.  Black velvet!

We also had a bedroom and its adjoining lounge to do.  Here is the before:

A coat of primer and two coats of paint freshened the rooms up.  Thank you to Zinsser, Dutch Boy, Purdy, and Sherwin Williams for donating paint supplies.

[photo: Dayka Robinson]

The bedroom after:

Kirkland’s, one of Rhoda’s sponsors, donated the yellow lamps.  The bedside chests were existing–we painted.  Lowe’s donated the vinyl floors we installed–don’t they look awesome?  So easy to install.  The two paintings above the bed are two I did last week.  Room & Board donated the aqua blue metal bed.

The lounge after:

The little blue table from my kids’ playroom saved the day when the table from IKEA that we planned on buying was ‘temporarily oversold.’

There is a snack/desk area opposite the sofa.

I finished the third large-scale painting on the last day of install–whew!

I also did the two mini paintings last week.  The bitsy collage one on the easel kills me!

Many thanks to Rhoda and Lori’s contribution to the space–painting, sponsorships, donations, cleaning, shopping, idea hatching, furniture assembly, ribbon glueing, handle installation, etc…we did it!  It was great working with such talented ladies.  And, thank you to Heather, Kim, and Mari for volunteering their time to help us paint and install the floor.  Thank you to the donors who gave cash for the shopping, and thank you to Chris for helping us prep the rooms.  I’m so excited for these boys to get settled into their new home!

I will post links to the other rooms as they pop up–all the other spaces are fabulous.  All the designers went all out.

You are invited to the wrap party this Thursday at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams in Buckhead.  Thank you, Dayka and Erika of Room Service, for organizing this transformation!

A Peek at Our UMCH Room

Our room is coming along.  Paint and the new floor from Lowe’s has made such a HUGE difference.  Thank you to Lowe’s for the new floor!  Two more days to go…

All the rooms are looking fabulous!  Some early birds are already finished and the results are jaw-dropping especially considering the befores.  We are so excited for the new residents to make themselves at home.  Stay tuned!

She’s Got Legs (And She Knows How to Use Them)

See them back there?

Behind the vanity shot of the Designers Guild pillow?  (Oh, man, I love those pillows.)

I didn’t know until I saw them that the family room needed a pair of orange legs.  Thank you, Round Top, Texas.

There is a theme going, I guess.  I just pick this up from the framer last week.

Wicked Witch of the East, anyone?  I cropped one of Matt Odom’s photos of me.

Anyway, it seemed like a fitting post for Halloween season.

Room Service | Design Plan

Next week is installation week at the United Methodist Children’s Home.  See how calmly I said that?  Yeah, inside I’m totally screaming, “Next week?  Already?  Aghhhh!”  But I think Rhoda, Lori, and I are ready to whip these rooms into shape.  Anyway, that’s what I’m convincing myself so I don’t slip into freak out mode.

Lori made up these beautiful design boards to give us a visual for the plan we’ve put together–thank you, Lori!  The bedroom:

Room & Board donated the bed that determined our color direction for the room.  Rhoda secured us donated lamps from her contact at Kirkland’s.  One of the best parts of doing these projects is seeing generosity in circulation–thank you!

I finished the bedroom painting yesterday:

Do you think the young man living here will wake up craving a carb-loaded breakfast everyday?  It is a 4×6′ painting on wood panel that will make, I hope, a dreamy presence on the bedroom wall.

Here is the board Lori made for the adjacent lounge:

I haven’t finished the painting for this space yet…wish me luck!

Rhoda also secured a donation from Lowe’s that will provide for new flooring in both these rooms!  This will make a huge difference–thank you, Lowe’s!  We will be installing it ourselves.  Busy week ahead.  Dutch Boy and Sherwin Williams have also donated paint.

We are keeping the wood paneling in the entry–and, I haven’t seen it yet, but there should be new black and white checkered floor running the length of entry and hallway.  We will be installing a new light in the entry and adding this painting, also finished this week:

That is one bird short of a horror movie; or, you will definitely get pooped on.  Anyway, it’s a lot of birds, which I happen to love painting.  It will hang above the newly painted dresser (thanks, Chris!):

Didn’t it turn out so handsome?

You guessed it, this is my last ditch effort to ask for any monetary donations (tax deductible) you would like to give.  We have so many generous donations, but we also have lots to buy.  The room is getting the works with a new mattress, bedding, rugs, creature comforts that will make this place a cozy home for a young man starting out in life.  Thank you for considering it!

United Methodist Children’s Home
c/o Khalid Battle
500 South Columbia Dr.
Decatur, Georgia 30030
tele: 404/327-5820

***note “Angela–Room Service” on memo line

I LOVE doing this type of work and wish I had more time to give.  Now, time to cross the finish line!  I’ll update when we are all done.

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