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I [heart] Europe

[Geneva, Switzerland]

There are photos to show you–but only a few as we spent most of our time relaxing at the beach wondering when we were going to get our next cappuccino.

Until I sort through the hundreds of photos, have a relaxing weekend ahead!

Midsummer Night’s Dream

My friend Chris has connections with fairies and magic and charms–I’m sure of it.  Her daughters’ highly-anticipated birthday party this summer lured fairies from undercover to flit across twilight lawns.

I know my daughter was excited to attend this Shakespeare-inspired affair, but I cannot imagine that she was more excited than I…because I was pretty darn aflutter.  Chris knows how to throw a party–it is one of her God-given talents.  Folks, the party’s approach actually motivated me to fire up the glue gun and, gasp, stitch for my daughter’s costume.  Chris is a miracle worker.

She thought of every detail…fairy dust in tiny glass vials, twinkling garden lights, sequins and glitter, toadstools, lanterns and love potion served in moss-covered goblets, pathways strewn with rose petals, and a magically rosy sunset.  She apparently controls the weather, too.  And, their family’s beautiful estate provided the perfect background.

I won’t tell you how many vegan lavender-glazed lemon sugar cookies I ate. (Five.)

Fairies have mamas, right?  My fairy does.

And her fairy mama also has a set of wings.

It was such a gorgeous evening.  The party of all parties.  So quintessentially Chris.  We were honored to be guests in the atmosphere of lavish creativity.
Now I’m just waiting for the next excuse I have to don my fairy wings.

(Want to see her Valentine’s Day party and a tour of her house?)

Matching Clothes…We’re Those People

Remember this skirt?  I figured I’d get more wearability out of it if it were shorter.  So, reciting the three Rs, I had the excess made into a dress for my daughter.  She’s 7 now so there is no time to spare before the opportunity to dress alike passes me by…like before she refuses with utter mortification.

She and I had a hair appointment together recently–just what I thought having a daughter would be like.  (And, she is also perfecting those looks of why are you ruining my life–just in case you thought it was all hugs and giggles.)  We’re loving the pink!

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this skirt is also of TPH avatar fame–drawn by Violet at Creative Devolution.

How cool is that?  I’m doing that very dance right now as I type…

Three Ballerinas | A Painting

I’m excited to share my  7-year-old daughter’s latest painting with you.

The painting was a gift to her friends from ballet class, using this recital photo for inspiration.

Before she started painting, we looked at a book on Degas (of course!) so she could see how he arranged his compositions, painted the area around his subjects, and chose his color.  She acquiesced to the preliminary art history lesson, but she definitely has ideas of her own (hooray!).  I tried to keep my coaching on the sideline to only the most important teaching points.  She likes to attack the canvas like an abstract expressionist–so I encouraged her mostly to control her strokes just a little more so she wouldn’t lose all the wonderful shapes of her initial drawing.

Can I tell you how much I love this painting?  Why don’t we paint more together?  That is what I’m asking my too busy self right now.  I wanted to keep it…look how pretty it looks in her room!  (I’m aware I haven’t yet shown you the princess room complete…bad blogger.)

I’m a proud mama!

(Just because it’s bothering me, the bottom photo is the most accurate color reading of the painting.  Whew, I feel better.)

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