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Coastal Living Showhouse 2012

It was such a nice surprise that the Coastal Living Showhouse coincided with our trip to Florida.  Natalie and I left the kids with the men, hopped on our bikes, and pedaled our way to Rosemary Beach for some we-time.

Benecki Homes built the L-shaped house, and Urban Grace Interiors designed the interiors.  One enters the house at the corner of the L, with doorways leading to the two wings.

So far so good, right?  But, wait!  See those stairs?  Ugh, we forgot to go upstairs, missing like 2000 square feet of extra house.  Blame it on mommy beach brain and the fact that we were anxious to make our massage appointments.  Even as we were leaving the house, we said to each other, “The house felt smaller than 5000 square feet…I could have sworn there was an upstairs.”

There was a little side prep kitchen off the main kitchen, with shelves similar to our new ones.  I have to say, I don’t think I like the idea of a side kitchen.

I’m with you, Urban Grace–I love long bolster pillows on the bed.

The kitchen, laundry, and bathroom cabinetry all displayed continuity while offering a variety of styles and hardware or lack of hardware.

As pretty as the house is, I would be just fine and dandy to spend my time in the backyard, watching the pool boy–I mean, watching the pool…boy, am I hot!
Here I am exiting the house and I just want to say, “Go back inside and see the upstairs!  Get your $15 worth!”  Oh well.

Lovely, isn’t it?  How can I get my hands on one such beach house?

Update:  I like to say great minds think alike…Julia of Hooked on Houses also posted about the showhouse, and she has photos of the upstairs, hooray!  So if you want the rest of the tour, check out her post.

Bookshelves Begone–A New TV Wall!

Can we just get a round of applause here for Chris?  I go to the beach for a week and come home to this:

Remember how we watched TV when we moved in?  Telly was in the closet behind these two doors…surrounded by stuff and not enough of it.

Then we eliminated one door and put the TV on the back of the shelves.  But, still, the stuff–and not enough of it–remains.

Bookshelf lovers, rejoice!  We still have two on the side–just the right amount for our stuff (which I’ve now edited).  I’m not a fan of those black speakers sitting on the ledge, but that is the best we could do for now.  Nonetheless, that new blank wall is pure heaven to me.  Breathe…ahhhh.  And, what about that hidden door to the media closet?  Way to go, Chris!

And, you know, we’re about to start calling him Uncle Chris because he is here all the time.  Door bell rings, and the kids run to the door excited and then shrug, “Oh, it’s Chris.”  Maybe he should start bringing candies or something to increase their enthusiasm.  Anyway, did you notice the big triangle there?  One day when Chris was working on the kitchen I showed him these ottomans I spotted by Richard Shapiro in the May 2012 Architectural Digest.

“You could do this, right?!  I mean, will you?”  I swear, one project ends and another begins.  Uncle Chris.

Sherry and I are still playing around with fabric in the family room, but I’m liking this one to slipcover the ottoman.  I’ve also considered using an old rug.  But learn from a novice like me, don’t forget to account for the padding on the ottoman when you build the frame.  This frame is 24″ width and 18″ height.  I’ll have to go thin on the padding so it doesn’t dwarf the chair.

Also, not sure about the rug here from West Elm–it seems a little matchy.  But Sherry’s good advice remains:  don’t throw anything out until it is all done and in the room.  Case in point:  the chandelier in the kitchen has morphed into something I like in the space as all the other elements are coming together.  Patience is key, people!  I’m learning.

This mother’s day gift almost beats my first ever mother’s day gift 9 years ago:  a trip to see Madonna at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Hard to top that one!  And, way to set a precedent, Sweetie!  (You know you like Madonna, too…don’t lie.)

Now I’m awaiting the arrival of 4 Panton chairs and a classic brass floor lamp for the bookshelf corner–yippee!  Bit by bit this house is finally coming together.