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I’ve Been Drawn!

The highlight of my weekend was not seeing that wee, tiny gorilla babe riding on his mama’s back at the zoo, nope, it was discovering that Heather drew me as a wistfully dancing cartoon.  Behold!

‘Tis awesome!  And, she nominated me for a bloggy award, too.  Sweet gumdrops!  Why would she draw you in a giant skirt covered in glasses, you ask.  Because I actually wore it–she’s good like that.

Have you been to Heather’s blog, Creative Devolution?  It is hilarious.  My children foam at the mouth in excitement when there is a new post.  They love her drawings because they are so funny.  I love her drawings, too, not only because they are so funny but because she can convey big ideas in the simplest of lines.  Like the slant of an eyebrow or the switch from googly eyes to pin points to starry eyes.  That’s talent on an ipad.  Thank you, Heather!


And, now in the spirit of celebrating favorite blogs, in addition to Heather’s, here are two of mine:

Sarah at High StylingSarah has such a refined and sophisticate eye (I’m hoping that rubs off on me), and the gorgeous photos from her travels feed my wanderlust when I’m rooted at home for the moment.


Erin at On Call.  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a hospice chaplain and greet death day after day?  It’s cheerier than you think.  Erin documents the joys of lives well lived, intricacies of personal life stories, the poignancy of life-long romances, and the peaceful acceptance of life at the end.  I learn so much from her way of seeing–and, I’m lucky enough to count her as a real-life friend.

If you were a devoted Little House on the Prairie fan when you were little, read Prairie Wishes.

She describes how she chaplains the dying day after day in Our Greatest Gift.

I’m patiently waiting for her to write a book.


And, thank you to other favorite bloggers for mentioning TPH!

Shannon Berrey Design | Sharpie Chair

Nesting Place | Statement Pieces


Art, Children, Observations

It’s art hanging day in the princess room.

This painting went up a few days ago when my daughter was at an outsourced homeschool class.  When she returned home, I heard giggles–I LOVE her laugh–tumbling out of her room.  She loves it!  Whew.

I was a little nervous, you see, because I had painted over a canvas she doodled on when she was four years old.  I loved so many of her passages on the canvas,  but overall I wasn’t loving the painting.  She does not like me to mess with her art.  I get that.

What I do love is this drawing she also did when she was four.  Just makes me smile, huge.  So I thought it would be a fun idea to combine the two as an homage to her four-year-old art style.

I tried to preserve as many of the fabulous marks she made on the painting while adding the blue-dress lady.

When my daughter was four, she made these fabulous multi-tiered, scale-like crowns for her princesses.  They were fabulous.  At the time she drew these crowns in with pencil and I painted the scallops in.  She went over it with glitter, but of course.

An upside down red crown.

I also saved the flowers she painted in.

And now I think I need to incorporate more glitter into my art.


Reading with my kiddos is one of my favorite things to do with them.  We plow through library books, but sometimes we look at design books together and pick our favorite rooms.  Other times we go through The Art Book, thumb through, and pick our favorite art on the two pages.  Aside from being fun for me, the seemingly innocent cuddly reading time becomes exposure to art and artists and an exercise in articulating preferences.  I’m sneaky like that.

So the game goes like this, as it happened the other day with my four-year-old son:

“Which one do you like better?  The one by Giorgio Morandi?  Or, the one by Gustave Moreau?”

“Gustave Moreau.” (in the cutest mispronunciation ever)

“Okay.  Why do you like that one better?”

“Because, you know, she is naked.”

Word for word.  Ah, boys.


And, this is what my daughter wrote this week in her assignment to write three sentences using her spelling words.

She was pleased to know that I’ve, indeed, seen an antique store spelled “Anteeks.”


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Rejuvenation Lighting

Have you received a Rejuvenation catalog in the mail before?  The lighting is heavy on period styling, but the last catalog that arrived intrigued me with its “fixtures come in your choice of finish options,” especially now that I am hot on the search for either pendant or wall lights in the sink area of our kitchen.

George is promising with 12 finish options and 123 shade options–yeah, 123!  I love the cobalt shade the George is shown with, but I also fancy the white:

And the all brass:

The orange shade would be so tempting if only the shade interior were also orange or brass instead of nickel:


Black is available, too–of course, 123 shades!

The fun thing about the website is that you can try on all the lampshades for size.  Pour yourself a drink and you’ve got yourself a party at your computer monitor.  Xeroxing your bum is optional.

Rejuvenation also has their version of this popular wall mount, Reed–a new classic, don’t you think?

Do you like the Danner?  It is a little too large for the space, maybe, but I think it is so charming.

I have some decisions to make!

I have made this decision for the table, however:

Restoration Hardware’s Polyhedron–on clearance.  I’ll either leave it as is or paint it up.  Three sizes are available.  (But I secretly want it above the bed at the loft…there may be a game of musical light fixtures in my near future!)


Before I go, some thanks are in order.  Thank you to these lovely bloggers for mentioning The Painted House recently:

Nichole at Parlour | DIY Fabric

Shelly at ModHomeEc | DIY Fabric

Nester at Nesting Place | DIY Art & Blogger Furniture Swap


DIY Fabric for Upholstery

Vulnerability is always quite uncomfortable, right?  I’m feeling it as I give a little peek of the unfinished studio.  But I thought I would ease into it gradually by starting with some DIY fabric projects there.  First off, bleach + fabric!

These chairs were brown and ugly before.  Now the pair is a cross of a starry-starry night and your favorite 80s mom jeans.  I’d say that makes for a cool combo.  I first tested several solid blue swatches with bleach before buying this twill that took the spray beautifully.  I bleached the yardage before upholstering.

[Chair sniffs, “Why do you take my photo at this angle…it makes my bottom look so big!”]

Chair #2 has two removable upholstery panels that were previously covered in zebra.

Oh, and a little tangent real quick:  I’m indecisive on where to put the art.  See?

I used gesso to paint the pattern on canvas.

It swivels, ya’ll!

Remember this $10 chair from Scott’s?

Pam of My Happy California suggested I just paint the chair instead of reupholstering it.  She is genius!  I covered the chair first in primer and then a semi-gloss latex paint.  Then…

…I invited my kids, friends, husband to draw silly faces all over it with a Sharpie.  I’m still working on filling in all the spaces with doodles.  Cheap therapy!

 Bleach, gesso, Sharpie–nothing is sacred!  And, you better believe we aren’t taking anything serious at the studio.

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