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My Favorites from 2011

Hey, friends, ready for the new year?  I’ve been reflecting on 2011, what I want to continue, change, improve.  I realized that 2011 was a full year indeed.  Here are some of the highlights from my favorite creative experiences this year.

Playroom Redo

Just goes to show that there is hope for dreary, dungeon-like basements.


Finishing our Guest Room

I had a wild hair two weeks before Thanksgiving guest arrived to do something about our neglected guest room.


A 5-Minute DIY Upholstery Update

This was such a simple, easy update that made such a cheery difference.


The Nicholas House Project for Transitioning Homeless Families

Doing the room for Nicholas House was a lot of hard work from a lot of giving people, and it was my most favorite project this year.


Discovering Mallorca, Spain

A dreamy escape with my hubby to this gorgeous Mediterranean island delighted the green-door-fresh-orange-juice lover in me.


Featured in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!

It was a surreal moment to see our cottage in print!


The Farm Tour

Part I

Part II

Part III

It was a sentimental journey, personal–a tour of my grandparents’ farm.  Not only did I love writing about all the details I love about their house and reliving precious memories, I loved reading all the comments you shared about your own memories of your grandparents’ homes.


Meeting God at the Sagrada Familia

I’ve never had an experience like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


Building Imaginary Towns McDashtown & ChiParis–Homeschool Project Deluxe

They were fun to make and destroy.


Building Out the Loft

In the spring we bought a loft to serve as my new painting studio.  It has been a months-long process to build-out and furnish to be the creative haven of my dreams!  Patient readers, I think I will be able to show you around early 2012.


I love the turn of the year, a new start.  Thank you for joining me here at The Painted House.  I’m giving out New Year’s hugs, and here is yours.  Here is hoping 2012 is full of goodness and happiness and art for us all.  See you next year! (wink)

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

Homeschool is dismissed for a couple weeks.  The presents are mostly wrapped.  Baking has commenced.  I’ve been so busy getting my jolly on that I haven’t properly wished you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope the rest of your 2011 is peaceful, happy, and full of authentic beautiful joy.

I’m taking the rest of 2011 off to enjoy revelry with the family.  My daughter and I enjoyed Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker last weekend at the fabulous Fox–a gorgeous theater to the last Moorish detail.  It is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

Let’s see:  beautiful music and costumes, fanciful sets, and enough cheer to set the season off right.  Not to mention the little ballet fire that ignites in a young girl’s heart after sitting spellbound in the audience.

My daughter leapt and glided her every step for three days after.  Do you remember a time when being a ballerina was an actual possibility in your mind?  

Like a child.  While I’m sitting there thinking about the insane flexibility and strength of the ballerinas and the discipline to stand there like a statue with a smile plastered and arms poised, my daughter is thinking about twirls and ribbons, petticoats and leaps.  She is remembering the magic, while I’m being all too practical.

I’m trying to be like a child this Christmas–not that it has been easy.  Shopping, wrapping, planning, cooking all needs to get done.  But the hope is that I can cut the extras out and slip into that sweet innocence with my children when that familiar feeling of giddy anticipation surfaces on Christmas Eve.

For unto us a Child is given.

Merry Christmas, y’all; and I’ll see you back here in 2012!

Christmas a la Natural

We’ve done some Christmas fluffing at the cottage for our December guests.  Mainly we did the same decorations as last year (Paint-dipped pinecones, anyone?  Sheesh, Angela, get over it!).  But we did add some wreaths to this wall.

I love the simplicity of a natural Christmas.  Magnolia leaves are elegant waxy beauties, aren’t they?

These twiggy fellows are new this year.  I had hubby pull over when I saw a woman making these in the bed of her truck roadside.  Turns out she is LumberJill, and she makes the cutest little reindeer out of sycamore and cherry.

I had some felt and decided to make the big one a scarf.  The felt flower tutorial is from  A Pumpkin & A Princess.

Look at that face!

One of my favorite activities of the Christmas season is going to pick out a tree at the tree farm.  When you are the baby of the family and it feels like you will never be old enough to do any of the big kid stuff, it’s a fine day to find out that you are as tall as a tree!

Beautiful are not only are the mountains and the rolling hills perfectly lined with trees, but the owner’s house at the farm is gorgeous and only one of my most favorite houses ever.  I posted about it last year…trust me, it’s worth the click and gander.

Mmm, my own personal lumberjack.  I like that!

Some days with the family are just darn perfect, and this was one of them.  (And we all know we take ’em when we get ’em!)

Want more natural Christmas?  Check out Darlene’s old-as-the-Fieldstone-Hills house decked out in natural finery.

Thank you to Lori May of Lori May Interiors for also featuring Christmas at the cottage.

I’m also linking up with the Christmas Tour of Homes at The Nesting Place.


Thank you to these bloggers for featuring our guest room redo!

Melissa at Stuff: Vintage

Sissy at Blue Hydrangea

René at Cottage & Vine

Vegas, Baby!

I’m not really a Las Vegas kind of girl, but…

…when this type of room view is involved…

…at The Cosmopolitan hotel…

…with two of my precious friends, well, I guess I can sit back and enjoy the lights.

“Yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.”    You are one of the cool kids if you know what I’m talking about…we saw Barry Manilow in what was one of the most funnest things ever.  Plus we were the youngest in the crowd, which made me feel not so bad for…

…inching closer to middle age.  Or am I already there?

Thank you, Natalie and Cheryl, whom I’ve know for 24+ years, for slumming it with me in Vegas.  Fun, fun, fun!

Late nights and heels…

…and room service just as I blinked dreams away–I kinda felt famous.  How long do we have to wait to do this again?

And, you never know who you’ll run into in Vegas.  Sharing tapas with Christina of Full House at midnight should happen more often–what a sweet, gorgeous lady, just like her blog.

Now excuse me while I go catch up on some sleep!

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