A little green dish, a twist of chains.  Could you resist?  I couldn’t at City Issue.

A recent rendezvous with my lovah found us chatting it up with the friendly owners of the carefully-edited City Issue, a shop of mid-century treasures in Inman Park.  Even my husband was asking questions about the furniture and lighting and such.  He really knows how to get his old ball & chain worked up.  It was a pleasure.  If you are local and haven’t been, get a-movin’!

Later in the day, I spotted this at J.Crew.  One of those green chain kind of days.

There has been nothing but rain and even snow here the last couple of days–not good for photos in the darkest room of my house, the guest room.  So while you suspect that there really is no AFTER to capture, I assure you that there is and it might just be the most colorful room ever.  Like the spawn of Bozo and a rainbow.

Until the sun shines, you can check out the other side of the Thanksgiving story here.  I swear if didn’t think those were the hippest glasses.


…I know you all have moved on to Christmas but just had to share how wonderful our week was.  Having guests is a nice excuse to have fresh flowers around.

I’ve known Natalie since fourth grade.

Now we have boys who are almost the same age as when we met.  Mr. & Mr. Mini Me!

My heart felt so full and good and happy to see our children hit it off and play from morning til night.

I’m so glad they played well since the Mamas had some cooking to do!  Between my pecan & rice patties and Natalie’s family Thanksgiving recipes, we conquered the traditional meal!

Natalie, could we have imagined these eight blessings while cruising in the Eclipse singing Oldies 20 years ago?

The squaws:

Lest you think we are just two regular dolls fixing dinner for our family, you should know that we were two girls with a penchant for dress up.  Look if you must.  We weren’t normal.

Impress your friends by writing the GUESS logo upside down…and she did by signing my fifth grade yearbook.

That was so much fun!  Thank you Natalie and company for sharing Thanksgiving with us!

Oh, and the guest room was ready for their visit–just barely!  I was picking up pillows and candles with only hours until their arrival.  I’ll show you around this week.

Thanksgiving Table

With guests coming for Thanksgiving, I figured I should consider the table.  For the adults, something simple:  my parents’ wedding china, our f-ahncy Mikasa wedding glasses, magnolia leaves, and pinecones dipped in gold (because I’m still not over the paint-dipped cones from last year).  I’ll probably pick up some flowers at Whole Food, too.

The kids’ table has to be fun for the six sweet children who will dine there.

Finding these embroidered napkins and milk glass canoe at Queen of Hearts Antiques set the direction of the table.  Milk glass canoe–seriously!  Orange ric-rac and bright plumage make for fun headdresses for the pow-wow.

The children will be so happy to discover that the rock decorations on the table are actually candies!  We won’t share that secret until they have eaten all their lunch.  (from Magic Cabin)

Fabric, feathers, owls, and leather string came from Joann’s Fabrics.  The owl is a $1.19 Christmas ornament revised.  After we eat, whoever doesn’t want to watch football can paint their owl in the studio (me, raising my hand).

We’re almost ready!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.  See you in a week and a half.  Oh, and I’m thankful for hot showers and fruit and health and most of all the wonderful man who shares this crazy life with me and my three unique and sweet children.

Guest Room | Supporting Pieces

Friends, I have sad news about the Yellow Rose of Texas.  For those of you who cheered, “Headboard!” on the last post, it shall not be.

I’ll make the long unfortunate story short:  the vintage, dingy 35 yards came in two cuts.  Even though I knew better, I put one cut–17 yards–in the washing machine on delicate without doing a test swatch first.  I’ve washed so many vintage fabrics with success that I though this cotton would be fine.  WRONG!  That dark green bleed all over, washing out the whole pattern and turning the white space mint green.  I was crushed but happy that I still had 18 yards left.  So I took it to my trusted dry cleaners and told them the story of the 17 yards.  They cut a test swatch that seemed to survive the cleaning process so they moved forward with the rest of the 18 yards.

Have you ever received a phone call from your cleaners?  Not a good thing.  He called yesterday to tell me that the colors ran.  So crestfallen!  I almost decided to call off school–because who can think of spelling and such when all I was doing was mourning my yellow roses?  I picked up the fabric and a grande Starbucks to drown my sorrows.  I LOVE this fabric, I can’t tell you how much.  It is the reason I painted the room FOREST GREEN!

Turns out the cut the cleaners washed wasn’t as washed out as the cut I washed at home.  The white ground is still minty green.  I realized I could still salvage the two pillows I planned to make by making my 20×20 cut on the roses with the least amount of white showing.  So not all is lost.  WAHHHHH!

On to the originally-scheduled post:

Here are the supporting characters in the guest room:

Gorgeous, right?  Little gilded knot detail had me at how-you-doin’.  I spotted this last August at Tobacco Barn on the blogger trip to North Carolina.  Shopping with a handful of other design ladies can be bad news…on the bank account.  I would love it in my bedroom someday, but until I have a bedroom where it will fit, it will reside in the guest bedroom.

A shag rug will warm toes.  From Overstock, this rug was supposed to be for the loft, but it turned out to be too much white–which ended up being a good thing for the rugless guest room.

A pair of these bedside tables are in the studio now awaiting the final coat of paint.  I fluctuate between “these are so awesome” and “ew, these are not so awesome.”  But I think it will all work out in the end.

Remember this dresser from Tobacco Barn that I bought a year and a half ago?  I finally painted it this summer, and it’s in place.  I really liked the original finish–but it wasn’t in good condition.

So that is everything–with a few repurposed things from around the house.  If it all comes together by Thanksgiving, I’ll show you around after the holiday.  Can’t wait to see Natalie and family!

Fabric and Paint | Yellow Rose Inspiration

I love it when fabric finds me.

Just over the border from Tennessee in Georgia I found these yellow roses of Texas.  And, I’ll go ahead and throw one more state in there for you–the kids and I were on our way home from an overnight trip to Alabama to have photos shot of the kids.  And to think I almost drove past these sunny beauties!

Allow me to paint a picture:  I had just spent a very long night in a hotel room with thumb and finger suckers, a child who sleeps with a rattle toy, a kicker, a night terror screamer, and one mommy desperate for a little shut-eye before the photos bright and early in the morning.  After doing everyone’s hair and then the 90-degree heat photo session and then a few hours on the road with pit stops along the way, I could have just driven past that big billboard that said “ANTIQUE MALL this exit.”  But I felt it in my mommy heart of hearts that the rest of the way home would be a tad bit better with just a looksie.

“What, Mommy, do we need gas again?” and “Why are we getting off the highway?”

“Just do this for Mommy and don’t touch anything.”

And there it was piled up like lemon meringue, all 35 yards of it.  All of which I bought.  For $45.  Sweet Yellow Petals and Thorns!  This is just what the guest room needed.

I had already decided on the yellow lattice for the euros–but now, where do I put this vintage fabric?  Headboard?  Or headboard in white?  This is one of the more insignificant dilemmas of my life, but a dilemma nonetheless.

Taking a cue from the fabric, I decided to move forward on a bold color for the walls.  Emerald…Felt…Malachite…Jade…the walls are now green!

And what does my husband say the night I persuade him to roll some paint?  ”I like this forest green.”

“Don’t call it forest green, ugh,” I say.

“I’m going to get on Facebook and write ‘It was fun listening to music and painting the guest room FOREST GREEN with Angela last night.’”  He really knows how to get to me.

It is much like the time he told everyone in one of his college classes, “Bob Ross is Angela’s very favorite artist.”

“You told them you were kidding, right?”  I later asked when he told me this.

You know Bob painted all his happy trees in forest green.

Bob, so glad you were true to yourself.  That’s real awesomeness.

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