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Let There Be Light

Well, bejabbers*, if that isn’t a neon pink cord!

One has to temper the gilt with something, right?  The chandy is up in the bedroom at the loft.  I love it.  And by “love it,” I mean I would make out with that light if my lips wouldn’t get all dusty and lacerated by those metal leaves.  You know how it happens:  a girl wanders down the electrical aisle at Lowe’s and sees a rainbow of extension cords, including neon pink.  Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat*, neon pink?!  She then spends the next hour thinking about all the ways she could use a neon pink extension cord.  And, ladies and gents, there are more neon pink surprises to come; but I will tease you and make you wait (much like I did with my husband before we married).

To shed more light on the matter, I have these curious fellows.  Remember my brother was working on some special lights for me?  Here they are, straight from his what-does-my-sister-want-now factory in Texas.  My husband and I assembled these in seconds flat due to the precision of fabrication.  After a coat of spray paint, they are ready now for shades…oh, a thousand options await!  And these are no small fries, no way.  Each stands 30″ tall.  Thank you, Bro!

The loft is really shaping up, and I am so very completely indescribably excited about it.  I can’t wait to share more with you!

*The kids and I are reading through The Black Stallion, complete with wild horse and even wilder vocabulary.  Throw a “bejabbers” your kid’s way and just watch the giggles erupt.  It is surprisingly easy to work into conversation.  All the cool kids say it.  Yeah, and by “cool kids,” I mean the ones who forget to take their headgears off for their 5th grade class picture…bejabbers, how could I forget?

Ca’s Curial | Mallorca, Spain

Another Europe post.  I promise I’m almost done and then NO MAS.  But I wanted to share Ca’s Curial, an agroturismo destination in Soller, Mallorca.

It’s picturesque, no?

The hotel is located just beyond downtown Soller, in a mountain valley, surrounded by a citrus grove.

And when you have a citrus grove, you have fresh OJ for breakfast, lunch, and din-din.  Breakfast on the patio was my favorite.

The grounds were beautiful.  Lemons, oranges, stone pathways lined with rosemary.

I was Señora Optimism with my wide brim hat and swimsuit on, ready to sit by the pretty pool.  But the clouds decided to rain on my parade.  Oh well, I got a few good pages read in my book before the first raindrops fell.

The room was comfy and clean and the perfect place to listen to rain through the open windows and drift off to sleep.  Naps…my decadent vacation treat!

Everyone at Ca’s Curial was very friendly and accommodating.  They whipped up a vegan dinner for me one evening when seafood was on the menu.  And, the day before we were to check out, I asked for the whereabouts of a local laundromat, and they offered to take our dirty laundry to wash for us.  They delivered our clothes the next morning, fresh and clean!

We definitely wished we had booked more days here and less at our other destinations.  We’re kinda obsessed with Mallorca now and can’t get back there fast enough!

Happy Birthday, SITS!

The Secret to Success is Support (SITS) turns three this week!  I was there when Heather and Tiffany first launched the amazing blog-lover website, and it has been fun to see it grow and grow and grow.  Having TPH (then a mommy blog with an identity crisis) featured on SITS in 2008 ranks as one of my funnest (yes, funnest) blog days.  They are doing a “where are they now” series this week from their early blog features–including The Painted House, yippee!  So I hope you’ll visit SITS and wish them a happy birthday.

Take it from my girl, “The Secret to Success is Support!”

I’m currently on a blog break, ahem, for the summer, but here is one of the posts featured on SITS, vintage TPH:

Advice for a Googler (originally posted April 23, 2008)

Sometimes wayward souls happen upon my other blog, a recipe site, as a result of a Google search. I am always interested to see what search words landed them there. Almost daily someone stops by who has done a search for “cottage cheese loaf” or “pecan patties.” And occasionally there is the search for the bizarre or stupid, such as “special Tuesday night dinner.” I guess a special dinner that was served on a Wednesday night just wouldn’t do. But yesterday a lad–or lass–visited the blog via this search that tops all searches so far: “intimate dinner and tender banging.” Dear Googler, I have a few words of advice for you.

Mr. Googler, if you are indeed a man, I applaud you at your concerted efforts to research and organize a romantic evening for your lady. An intimate dinner of just you and your one true love, possibly over candlelight in a cozy French restaurant, would certainly woo her immeasurably. Perhaps your server would ignite a flaming dessert at your table that you two would slowly share, spooning fluffy mounds of whipped cream through coyly parted lips. When the meal is over and you have discreetly paid the bill, you both would exit the restaurant with hands locked, eyes diverted, ignited yourselves with the thrill of anticipation of a lover’s caress and tender…banging? What the…?

Googler, Dude, if you are going to give your lady a romantic evening, you have got to give it to her wholeheartedly. There will be no banging going on–even if it is tender. You have promised her a night of romance, candles, sweet nothings, and an even sweeter ending. At the most, you will have passionate lovemaking–maybe some black lingerie, if you are lucky. But no banging. Get a hold of yourself, will you? Way to go and ruin a perfectly romantic evening.

However, if you, Googler, are a woman, then you are going to make your man’s year with this evening you are planning. But may I offer some advice? Ditch the intimate dinner. Really, is this about you or him? And while we are at it, ditch the “tender,” too–because all he really heard anyway with that search was “blah blah and blah BANGING.” Sex yourself up, take him to a sports bar for some wings and a game, and periodically lean over and whisper in his ear how you are going to make him a real man tonight. Now you’ve got some plans–but don’t think for a moment that you are going to sneak any “intimate” or “tender” in around all that hot stuff. Let it be about him and have fun.

But, then again, maybe I misinterpreted this Googler’s intentions. Maybe “tender banging” is the name for a barbecued whole Australian goat roasted on a spit until the meat is falling off the bone and served with fried crocodile tidbits? Now that would make for a lovely intimate dinner.


If you are stopping by from SITS, thank you!  I’ll return to my usual blogging schedule at the end of summer-ish.  And, thank you SITS for the feature!  Happy Birthday!


Before we made it to Paris, we whiled away the hours here in Mallorca.

It was chilly and rainy when we arrived in Soller, where the streets are only slightly wider than a compact car.

The roads in the mountains are only poquito wider and one may encounter roaming goats or sheep at any turn.  Easy on the curves, my love!  I’ve got to hand it to him, he drove that diesel manual hatchback through the hairpins like a pro.

After a lazy nap through the rain, the sun came out for some early evening exploring.

The slice through the rock leads to the sea.  Quiet, deserted, perfecto.

More rainy days to come but those droplets do not squelch the wandering spirit.  More beaches to find, rotarys-roundabouts to spin, and green doors to spy.

A little more sun, but for a moment, gives us a chance to don those swimsuits we packed.

How soon can we get back to this beautiful little island, now one of our new favorites?

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