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Room Service at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

(I’m on a pseudo blog break…but had to share!)

A room full of beautiful people and beautiful furniture, that was Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams last Wednesday night as we celebrated Room Service’s first project, Nicholas House!

Erika Ward & Dayka Robinson

[photo: Life + Style]

Dayka, Erika, Lori all posted about the night.  Bloggers on blog breaks actually take a break and do not take any photos…they just eat cake pops.

By the way, here is my little one reading in our own vintage mg+bw chair–thanks for hosting the party, Atlanta mg+bw!


Also, Atlanta designer Cristi of Charm Home reveals the nursery of her soon-to-arrive son.  Click on over and check it out–the room is adorable!

[photo: Charm Home]

See that little painting on the right?  That’s Belittle Chase will have exposure to fine art right from the beginning, hee-hee!  And I’m partial to another piece in the nursery, a very very very special piece to me.  Go see Cristi’s spin on it!  Excellent work on the nursery, Cristi!


Okay, friends, back to our regularly-scheduled blog break…

A Summer Sabbatical (Plus Loft Update)

Hi, friends, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the summer.  Truth is, this spring kicked my hiney and I don’t want to be exhausted for all the fun stuff we have planned for the summer.  The idea of not posting here for a couple months gives me the sadface, but I think what will turn that pesky frown upside down is a good summer frolic.  I’m so excited about summer school, some delightful voyages, and the loft studio.  I find myself rushing through the loft design process; and, really, I just want to enjoy the ride.  I might be tempted to post occasionally because we’re doing some hopefully cool and successful experiments in the space–how could I not share?  So if you want, you can subscribe to TPH up there in the right corner or add TPH to your reader, then you won’t miss any posts that I sneak in.  Until then, here is a peek at what I’ve FINALLY decided on for the space–after many sleepless nights and changing my mind many-a-time.

Gray, white, black, and brass make up the base of the loft.  I’m trying to maintain a palatable balance between masculine and frou-frou–because you know I’m totally resisting going all out girlie.  Concrete floors, painted white brick, white plank paneling, charcoal stained oak, some warm gray marble…can you guess where the pink paint chip is going–the air ducts!  That Circa Lighting brass sconce is from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore–at a very un-Circa price.

On top of the neutrals comes the color.  I completely changed my color direction when I found this fabric remnant at Whistle Stop Antiques in North Carolina.  Love.  At.  First.  Sight.  The roses are a glorious citron color.  A pair of those Circa sconces go in the kitchen (thank you, Restore!).

I’m awaiting fabric swatches for the Salvation Army sofa.  I’m having major commitment issues here.  I want something light but know it will get so dirty and I can’t handle that.  Give me dirty I can’t see, I guess.  Some black and white nubby candidates will give me the option to switch up the color with pillows, we’ll see.  Also, it will go against a wall that I plan to repaint on whim…like my own little display window.

Remember when I was going to paint this cabinet Q*bert style?  A fabulous idea, but the one-use stencil would cost almost $300–yeah, that is too much to spend and still possibly screw the whole thing up.  Then my husband and I actually had a 30-minute conversation about how I could still achieve the look without the stencil.  Then I decided to take it to the loft, but Q*bert will compete with the other stuff planned.  Plan B is inspired from a ceiling.  You’ll know it when you see it.

The color for the kitchen table remains undecided.  But here it is all primed.

Oh, the pretty, pretty rose chandie.  She will hang in the oak-paneled bedroom–a very simple room.  Inspired by my favorite mattress ad.

We need to give our appendage-less lady a name.  Any suggestions?  She will sit on the yellow chest baring her chest…although here she displays a modicum of decency.  (Psst, but I can still see your ladyparts.)

Remember my studio chair? Pam of My Happy California suggested that I try painting the chair instead of recovering.  A brilliant idea!  I figure I have nothing to lose to try paint before I pay to have it recovered.  It’s just gonna get covered in paint anyway.  Thank you, Pam!

My very talented bro, seen here with his adorable and attentive niece, showed me how he will make the six 24×30″ light fixtures that will hang in the space.  This is one of the experiments of which I referenced–I know he will do great, it’s what I do with the fixture when he is done.  Saying my prayers!

Then there is the 6×9′ bunkroom in which I need to fit three twin beds.  That room has been every which way possible, one option even included a slide; but I’ve reigned myself in and I think I have a good solution that will still offer fun nook-and-cranniness for the little ones and a good night’s sleep.  Also, the kids will help me with a sculpture that will cover the whole wall in the bunkroom–see, I told you summer school will be fun!

So, my dears, I’ll miss you, but the summer is always over before you know it anyway so I’ll see you soon.  (Save for a little cheat post every now and then.)  Farewell!

A Switcheroo (Why Blog Friends Rock)

History.  Vintage styling.  Curved.  Fifteen dollars.  These are all good reasons why I decided to buy a dirty old sofa for my living room.  But the very curviness of the sofa, something I loved in the beginning, started to wither into bitter resentment as I tried to fit it into my living room.  I began to question whether the curved sofa was ever a good idea to begin with.

I was complaining to Christina of Full House about my curved sofa predictament–as I was wont to do with anyone who would listen.  “Don’t you have a round dining table?” she asked, “Why don’t you put the sofa there?”

Of course.  Genius.  I loved the idea–but then I solved my living room woes before I had a chance to try the sofa in the dining room.

Then, plot thickens, Christina posted this photo on her blog.  See it there on the left?  So, motivated, I jumped up and enlisted the muscles of my 7 year old.  And, guess what?  I love the sofa in the dining room.  That would be one more reason why I love Christina.

Of course.  Genius!  The kids love it, too–it was a classy night of tostadas in the dining room.

However, now that leaves this in the living room:

A big bare spot the size of, well, another sofa.  I’ve had some good help from Susie of Eye Spy, the Craigslist whisperer with the prettiest blues eyes I’ve ever seen.  Hopefully there is a new old sofa heading my way soon!

Thank you, ladies!

Have you pulled a switcheroo lately?

Mirror, Gigantic Mirror on the Wall

You know how the saying goes, “Who’s the dorkiest of them all?”

Goodness, that’s a hard call.  You know what happens when two dorks breed?

They beget adorable little dorkettes.  It’s a delightful vicious cycle.

So, the gigantic mirror was a last minute purchase from Atlanta’s Providence Antiques, right before she closed her doors there on N. Highland.  It used to hang in a bar, horizontally.  Now it covers the ugly drywall hole on the brick wall in the loft–where a fire door used to hang when the building functioned as a cotton storage facility.  Remember the hole?

What a find!  It works almost perfectly.  It isn’t quite wide enough to cover all of the drywall, so Chris is going to build a larger frame around the existing one.  We originally planned to put a new mirror here, but this is much, much better.

It is tall–103 inches!

His new iphone app clones him.

(I wasn’t the only one shopping Providence’s closing sale.)

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