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The Royal Giddies

If I were becoming a princess tomorrow, I would like to arrive via carriage.  Not just any carriage but one draped in raspberry swags and polka-dot ribbon and rolling along on turquoise wheels.  My 5yo is my new favorite artist.

I thought I was nervous the night before my wedding…I can’t imagine what it is like knowing a gajillion people will be watching.  But I’m sure these two have it all together.

Just look, they already have their spray tans.  (Can’t wait!)


One more day at Nicholas House!  Check in over the weekend for the AFTER photos and links to the other designers’ rooms.  Wow, there are some serious transformations taking place over there!  Really amazing stuff, people, by Atlanta’s talented bloggers.  I’ll post after I take a 40-hour nap.  I.  Am.  Pooped.  (Thank you for your comments!  So sorry to be MIA.)

Nicholas House–Day Two + Angels

Two days down at Nicholas House–whew!  It has been some good work.  We had a few little things to reconfigure, but overall the plan is coming together!  There is so much positive energy among everyone working there.  I’m so thankful to be a part of the project.  And I am IMMENSELY grateful to the angels helping me out!  Look who showed up to help me today, this cutie peeking around the closet, Renae Moore.

This girl has some muscles and lots of good advice and ideas, and she is just a great person to chat with while cleaning and painting.  Thank you, Renae!

I was also lucky to snag some of Rhoda‘s cleaning skills, she’s now in Atlanta, y’all.  She flitted and floated to all the different rooms helping where she could.  Thank you, Rhoda!

Here is Chris after a long two days of working on the room–and not just helping me out!  Word got out to the others that he is pretty handy, and the gentleman that he is, he helped the other ladies out kindly.  I held up my camera and said, “Smile…or shoot the finger…not sure how you are feeling about me at this moment.”

A real trooper and problem solver!  Everything is coming together as best it can in a lopsided, crooked 100+ year old room.  Here is a sneak peek of the new corner closet and yellow-sunshine drawers that Renae painted.  You all are AWESOME!

Easter Weekend

The weekend started off fine with a tour through the Atlanta Symphony Decorators’ Show House on Friday with my friend Holly (hmm, favorite room–the dining room).  Afterward I stuffed my face with a veggie burger from OK Cafe and then proceeded to fall asleep in the car on the way home.  Once home, I jumped in the car with my husband for a date…and fell asleep in the car and then asked for 30 minutes more to sleep once we arrived at our destination.  I tell you, I’m a riot to hang with.  So I think this tells me that I’m doing a wee too much these days.  And there’s no slowing down–at least this week.  It’s installation week at Nicholas House!

But Easter…

There was performance art at church–a visual parable with a lot of interpretations.  With paint.  You know why I love this church.  The final product equals gorgeous, and so I had to take a bunch of photos with my phone.

Easter brunch on the rancher’s patio fueled the egg hunt.  (And,  y’all, I was feeling trashy and wanted to make a tater tot casserole.  Surprisingly there are many vegan recipes for the ‘tot on the web.  I used my cashew sauce for the requisite “goo” that holds it all together.)

And I had to break out the Easter egg cake with tinted coconut grass that my mother made before me and my mother’s mother made.  Why mess with a good thing?  My daughter believed me when I told her it was real grass.  “Is it spinach?” she had asked me.  She seemed to be okay with it being real grass as long as I had washed it.  My son was more horrified that I had used coconut with food coloring than real grass–“Mom, that stuff is so unhealthy!”  Okay, so my brainwashing is working, I guess.  I used the chocolate cake and buttercream recipes from Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau–so good!

The kids loved finding a letter from the Easter bunny that instructed them to follow the chicken tracks to a special surprise–their Easter baskets!  My husband asked me what a chicken has to do with Easter, and I said, “Well, chicken tracks are more recognizable than bunny tracks…and it’s better than telling the kids to follow a trail of rabbit turds.”  Don’t you think?

“And, why,” Literal Larry continues to grill me, “are the tracks so far apart?  It’s like the chicken hopped on one foot and then flew three feet and then landed again on one foot…”  I think he thought there was a real chicken.  But it was really me and I didn’t want to stay up until 3 am cutting out a thousand chicken feet so that I could realistically space them apart on the ground.  Sheesh!

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!  Please wish all of us busy bees well this week at Nicholas House!  I’ll keep you posted…

A Sweet-Tweet Nursery

It is quite the dangerous business for me to hold a newborn when my own “baby” turns four this year.  Little bitty fingers and toes, creamy soft skin, and that tiny head covered in downy hair–oh, man, maybe we need a fourth!?  Little baby Margot, you are going to get me in trouble!

[photo: alan darmody photography]

Margot is the first child of our friends, Alan and Alysa.  She charmed me this week when I stopped by their crib for a little visit.  I finally got to see the nursery that designer mama and arty pop have been working on for months.  So adorable! While there is so much to love, my favorite is the birdie mobile that Alysa’s mother made for her…so precious down to the little fabric eggs in the nest.  Please check out their blog for more photos of the room.  You can also check out Alan’s photography whizness (is that a cool word, or weird?) while you’re there.  Thank you, Alan and Alysa, for letting me share your fun and cheery nursery–and I’m counting the days until I can hold sweet Margot again!

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