Have fun, be safe, and steal all the chocolate from your kids!


And you know this guy, right?

Sure, he has a poor  reputation with the bad manicure and all, but did you know that he is an excellent babysitter and housesitter?  It’s the softer side of Freddie.


What rolls down stairs?

Alone or in pairs?

Rolls over your neighbor’s dog?

It’s great for a snack.

It fits on your back.

It’s log, log, log!

It’s log, it’s log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood.

It’s log, it’s log, it’s better than bad, it’s good.

Everyone wants a log, come on and get your log, everyone needs a log.

-Ren & Stimpy

Do you log?

[photos 3 & 4, Armour & Co]


Just another church painting from last weekend.  Our church sets up a painting table in the back so backsliders like me can paint during the sermon.  But just like I can walk and chew gum at the same time, Pastor Chris will be happy to know that I can paint and listen at the same time, too.  Grace just for being me, makes me want to throw streamers; and I liked my little pink ribbon in the bow-bird painting I just finished that I wanted to play with it a little more.  And now I am all a-tangled with ideas for more paintings.

Trouble is, I have started about six other painting projects in the last couple of weeks–all of which I’m dying to finish.  I just told my lover that I would be just plum happy to spend a whole week in my studio by myself, never coming up for anything, no sleep, just painting all day and night long.  Just for one week.  And then maybe another week to recover, I think.

Shara Hughes

High Museum Art Partners sponsored a tour of painter Shara Hughes‘ studio and home last week.  Ally and I met up to hear Shara talk about her dizzi-dazzling paintings.  You like pattern?  She gives it to you in child-like color however in sophisticated compositions that jar the laws of reality.


On first glance the paintings seem playful but the details show that the paintings come from a darker place–scattered cards on the floor, a skeleton, barbwire, knives and saws, a forgotten melted ice cream cone.  Hughes draws from her own sometimes-painful past and also references other painters in her work.

In a small grouping of interior paintings, Ally made the connection to Matisse’s interiors, to which Hughes confessed he was one of her favorite artists.  But Hughes reinvents Matisse’s bohemian interiors with mod sectionals, brass, and maybe a little David Hicks thrown in.  Her interiors fabulously reference her collection of 1970s interior design magazines.  These elements endear the paintings to me.

Hughes lives and works in a renovated industrial building.  Her home is like all the delightful parts of her painting, no skeletons to be found–colors, pattern, odds and ends that create a fantastic finders-keepers aesthetic.

I left wanting to stare more at the details of her paintings, inspired, and determined to find my own branch to bedeck and bedazzle if only it could be as fabulous.  Thank you, Shara, for having us over!

Thank you, Armour & Co!

I stopped into Armour & Co yesterday for a little look-see when glorious inspiration struck!  My living room has taunted me for three years.  To my ultimate frustration, I couldn’t figure out my furniture placement due to some off-balanced elements in the room…and a curved sofa that I was beginning to resent.  I have rearranged and rearranged–but of course, the best solution is often the most obvious yet I couldn’t see it for the frustration.  This is when I had my a-ha moment:
I could hardly wait to get home and spin everything around in the living room.  And it works!  I am so freakin’ overjoyed that I had to snap photos in the dark in all its unfinished yet perfectly arranged glory.

Do you see my new little cubist kitty lamp back there?  It needs a new shade but how adorable!  The kids and I were all fighting for whose room it goes in…weirdo cat lovers.

So now I can forge ahead with the rest of the room and upholstery and a rug and maybe a few more small pieces–having an arrangement now is HUGE.  Time to fill in the gaps!

More beauties from Armour & Co yesterday:

I love these leather chairs–which I promptly told the ladies that I’ve been loving teal lately because in person they looked more teal than peacock to me.  But they gently called them peacock, and I realized I probably committed a major faux pas by calling them teal.  ”Yeah, they would look great in my peach and teal Southwestern-themed colonial house,” I should have said.  Thankfully they were kind enough to wait until I left the building to snicker at me.  Whatever you want to call them, they are cool chairs, right?  The whole store is stocked with goodness.  Thank you, Armour & Co. for letting me shoot some photos and for solving my debilitating living room dilemma!

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