Savvy Snoot, Atlanta

One of my favorite stops in Atlanta is Savvy Snoot, a chic and on-target consignment shop.  Inventory moves fast here so there is always something new to see.

Owners Marty Mason and Patti Hodgson also offer design services to help clients achieve that collected-over-time look.  How fabulous to choose from all this wonderful stuff, stuff, and more stuff!

Savvy Snoot features local artists.  You know I like that.

Jean Toache, manager of the Alpharetta Savvy Snoot, will help you find what you need.  Thanks, Jean, for answering all my questions!

My picks for the day, a couple to satisfy icon desires:

Ever since I first saw my friend Melissa’s blue velvet sofa over 25 years ago, I’ve wanted one.


Savvy Snoot

1187 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta, GA 30318



30 North Main Street

Alpharetta, GA 30009



That’s it, kids.  I’ve been sick all week, and so I will check out early for the weekend.  See you next week!


Have you tried FLOR carpet tiles yet?  It is mix-and-match heaven on your floor.  I first tried FLOR in our children’s playroom, in Shirt Stripe.  The installation is so easy with super-strong adhesive labels that stick on the backside.  Then, when we had a water leak in the playroom, the FLOR tiles cleaned up beautifully in the bathtub and dried as good as new.  I was sold.

FLORed again at the cottage, because I was in love.

Why the love?  They are easy to clean, move, or replace if one is soiled.  Plus, have you seen all the colors online?  While you are there at, play around with their configurator–it’s so much fun (I’m a dork)!  But if you live near a FLOR showroom, get yourself there.

Here you can touch and see all the colors, styles, and textures.  It’s the real-life configurator.

The tiles are organized in cabinets to pull at whim.

Michele DuBard is usually on hand to help, but the lovely Anita assisted me since Michele was out last Thursday.  I made it a day before their 15% sale ended–and when you order from the storeroom, the shipping is half off!  And don’t you know I already have my FLOR tiles–delivered on Monday.

FLOR Showroom

75 5th Street, NW, Suite 110

Atlanta, GA 30308


TPH Study/Schoolhouse in Progress

I am finally tackling our cave, trying to get it ready before school starts next month.  The very sad before:

The only furniture I am keeping in the room is the Odda daybed from IKEA.  I am replacing the very solid and real wood desk (what?) with the flimsy IKEA Vika system in a new configuration that will better suit two students and a computer work station for me.  Chris will be doing a few things to customize the IKEA desks for us.

A rug is definitely in order to warm up the room and add color to this dreary space (my husband is SO tired of hearing about how much I hate this room).  I chose Lattice in Bisque/Cinnabar from FLOR.  I’ll proclaim my love for FLOR MOR tomorrow.  Don’t you just love it?
The chevron fabric swatch is from Lewis & Sheron, and it will cover the chrome tubular chairs I found at Tobacco Barn in Asheville.  Here is a similar chair at Pieces–only mine was a minuscule fraction of the price (but don’t I so wish I were in the same position as Ms. Kleinhelter to sell like that).  I love that the fabric is either brown or grey depending on what I hold it up to.  Now, let’s have a moment of silence for the passing of the unfortunate tapestry fabric of yore.

Finally, remember the awesome Mengel Module cabinet?  I didn’t sell it at Scott’s–although one fine fellow came by twice each day to look at it…buy it already!  I had in the back of mind that I would keep it for the homeschool room if it didn’t sell.  So glad that it didn’t!  This high-quality, finely crafted piece will balance out the IKEA crap–ha!  And there is so much storage in it.  There have been some dusty evenings sanding down that finish…

Kitchen Blackboard

A blackboard in the kitchen…I know, I’m the last person on earth to do this. Turns out it isn’t just stylish, it’s practical, too.  And I love the scribbles that evolve here throughout the day.  It’s non-stagnant art…or vocabulary, spelling words, memory verses, and Spanish verb conjugations.  Once school starts around here next month, we’ll be working the blackboard–artistically, however.

Chris made a frame that coordinates with our kitchen cabinetry, and the finished blackboard balances this end of the kitchen now.  I love it!  (Oh, and on another kitchen update, I ended up selling the adorable desk that I considered using as an island.  Turns out that it was all up in my kool-aid in that space.  It was there everywhere I turned.  Good thing I lived with it for a while.)

What was I saying?  Blackboards?  Heaven?  Angels…

I have three.  (I think I have my Christmas card done…)


Many thanks to Chris for all his hard work here at TPH!  And, really, he has done so much more here that I haven’t shown like hanging drywall in the basement, painting stairs, and ripping up hardwood floors and replacing floor joists (wasn’t that a blast, Chris?).  You’ll see more, too–he’s finishing up a picnic table for us since I sent my other one to live at the cottage as a dining table and I’m on his schedule to do some reconfiguring in the study/homeschool room.

Okay, whew, I’m so tired.  It has been a busy, busy week here at TPH but so productive.  I’m sorry that I am behind on emails–but, as always, thank you, thank you for your comments and inquiries.  Happy weekend, dearies!

A Ceiling & Doors

The master bathroom in our house was remodeled by the previous owners.  We’ve made a few inexpensive changes like painting the sconces white and adding shades, painting the cabinetry, and switching out knobs.  One thing that wasn’t addressed properly in the remodel was the old plaster ceiling that had a 50-year mildew problem.  Yuck.  We, and by “we” I mean Chris, had to remove the whole ceiling in our bathroom and replace it.  We could have done drywall like the rest of the house, but this was an opportunity to add some character to our box house.

Chris added tongue-and-groove paneling, finished out in white.  It is that extra little something in the room.  I’m not going to say it (texture).

Do you see that closet by our bedroom?  When we were replacing the interior doors, we ordered a few slab doors to apply mirrors.  I love the vintage glamour of a mirrored door.  Chris had the mirrors cut to size and finished them out with trim.

I almost had all the closet doors in the bathroom mirrored–how cool would it be to see oneself nekkid from every possible angle?  Yeah, I’m glad I nixed the Hall of Mirrors idea.

The girl’s room received the mirrored treatment, too, on her two closet doors–because you can never start too early teaching vanity and narcissism, I say.


Okay, tomorrow is the last day of Week-o-Chris.  Don’t you know I’m so tempted to ask him to build the girl’s dollhouse that I swore I would build with my own hands?  So tempted.

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