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Pop Quiz!

I’ve been busy this week doing something a little out of the ordinary.  Can you guess what?  How about multiple choice?

1.  This week Angela has…

a.) …taken up scalpless chicken farming.

b.) …crashed a wedding and spent the night in the county jail.

c.)…tried to steal a trunk under her Snuggie at Pottery Barn and spent the night in the county jail.

d.) …taken up mini motocross racing.

e.) All of the above.

f.) None of the above.

What’s your guess?  Come back Monday  and we’ll grade your quiz.  Trade papers with your neighbor!

Bearly Made It

*****Vintage TPH, originally posted on May 11, 2009

So there I was driving home late from the cottage last night. I passed through the mountains while talking with my grandmother–and my mother and Aunt Donna. NanNaw had me on speaker phone so the ladies at her slumber party could hear me. We talked about their Mother’s Day lunch and the 60 cinnamon rolls my mother made and the new fangled coffee maker my Uncle Joe gave NanNaw and the ladies’ plans to have a cinnamon roll and coffee for breakfast in the mor–

“OHMYGOODNESSOHMYGOODNESSOHMYGOODNESSOHMYGOODNESS! Okay, I’m all right. I’m all right. I almost hit a BIG BLACK BEAR! I stopped within inches of hitting him!”

“What?” my kinfolk asked. “A bear? A bear or a cow?”

“A big black bear! A bear just ran in front of my car!”

“A bear or a cow? A bear or a cow?”


“A BEAR! I saw something on the other side of the highway running towards my car and it didn’t slow down as it got closer and then I saw it was a BIG BLACK BEAR! I slammed on my breaks and stopped right before it–inches away. Oh, my goodness…”

“Well, Angela, do you need to change your panties?”

And so it was that I almost took down a big black bear near midnight on a mountain road. Or, so it was that I was almost eaten by a ticked off, injured big black bear near midnight on a mountain road. Or, so it was that I was almost killed by my husband because I totaled his car by hitting a big black bear near midnight on a mountain road.

This morning I told the children the story and they listened with wide eyes. My 5-year-old said, “Mommy, Daddy would have been mad if you had damaged his car by hitting that bear.” What about me? I was almost eaten. Kind of.

Today, somewhere in a cave in the Appalachian Mountains is a bear who is clutching his heart with one paw and blogging with the other paw about his narrow escape from death by the Great White Midnight Beast with glowing xenon eyes. The question now is: who will get more comments on their post? Me? Or, the bear?

Laughing Seed, Asheville

If you find yourself in Asheville, I urge you to try Laughing Seed Cafe, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  C’mon, you’re curious about what those veg-heads eat–so here is a chance to sink your teeth into fine examples of vegan cuisine.  They do veg so very well.

Laughing Seed is located on the narrow one-way Wall Street in downtown Asheville.

When the girl and I were there a week and a half ago, we dined al fresco and started with the crispy Asian dumplings, stuffed with cabbage, carrots, and tempeh.  We also like to order the Shitake Corn Cakes when we go.

Lately I’ve been stuck on one dish–order it every time–Mercury Not Rising.  It’s a sandwich with a thick slab of yummy seasoned seitan with vegan tartar sauce and veggies.  Because I rarely eat french fries anywhere, I indulge in their jalapeno-onion fries.  They are the best fries I’ve ever eaten.  Period.

Next time I’ll order something else from their amazing menu.  It is so hard to choose.


Laughing Seed Cafe

40 Wall Street

Asheville, North Carolina 28801


It’s a Lamp

****Vintage TPH, originally posted on April 19, 2009

When I saw this lamp, I knew that I must have it for the cottage’s master bedroom. Ha! I’m just pulling your leg. Oh, uh, sorry…you don’t have a leg…or two. Okay, I’m just pulling your…uh, never mind.

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