It’s Okay…

It really is okay. Don’t fight it. Give in to the love affair.

Get this shirt and other cool artist-made stuff at Hello-Lucky in Houston, Texas. If you aren’t lucky enough to make it to Teresa O’Connors’ adorable shop in the Heights, order online. For you haters out there, she also has one that says “It’s ok to [skull-n-crossbones] Austin.”

Art & Family

My friend Susan recently emailed me this quote. It had me in tears.

…my mother was biding her time, pacing herself until she could achieve her goals. She was a proud and passionate and boundlessly talented woman taking a step back from her artistic dreams and signing on instead for the opportunity afforded my father and our family. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to embark on a truly unique adventure. The reality of my mother’s situation ws that she put a huge part of herself on hold, and hit that reset button for my father, for our family…

She was still an artist, but for four years she was an artist on pause, counting the days until she could hit that button again and put herself back in play. Even as a child, I could sense she was frustrated–like a racehorse stuck at the gate. She kept up with her work in fits and starts, but during that period she was constantly setting aside an essential piece of her identity, and then picking it back up again. In all that time, she never lost sight of her goals as an artist.

Yes, we can be all things at once, my mother told me. In fact, we must. But we must also accept that we can’t do everything all at once.
-Mika Brzezinski
All Things at Once

I wipe my wet cheeks and second guess everything all over again. Can you relate?

The New Painted House is Coming Soon!

Here we are, friends, just a month away from the relaunch of The Painted House! I’ve been busy planning and spinning gears. I’m excited and scared and hopeful. You will read here, won’t you? Please?

The new TPH (look at me calling it TPH) is the artist indulging in what inspires her, propels her, and delights her–art, design, fashion, food, shopping, travel, all with a special emphasis on the Atlanta area. We’re talking all things beautiful. I hope my Georgia girls will hang with me here–everyone else is invited, too! Would you join me in spreading the word? In two weeks we will start the countdown. There will be fanfare!
Until then, many thanks to Shannon working hard on my new digs. Ooo, a new Painted House!
And apparently my husband wants Georgia guys to hang with me, too. Who am I to disagree?

Circus, Circus!

The circus rolled into town, and–on a whim–we decided to attend the decidedly politically incorrect affair. You know, the circus with its history of exploiting those who fall outside of social norms, prodding caged animals, and stereotyping ethnic groups. Listen, if it weren’t for the art of electrolysis, I’d be just another freak show on the circuit. C’mon, kids, let’s go have some fun!
On the way I spotted a little lost trapezist on the MARTA…

…and a wannabe hoping for her turn on the bar.

Imagine toting three kids to the circus and being next-in-line when the “SOLD OUT” sign goes up. Spontaneity has its drawbacks. But I really prefer dusty reveries of circus past than the current glitz and glam. Did you get the latest catalog from Anthropologie?

Artifacts, romance, dreamy fun. This concoction is a place where restless nomads with surnames that end in s-k-i defy gravity in feats of stupendous proportions! (Is there anything the Polish can’t do? Or, someone who is half Polish? Ahem.)

Sure, it didn’t happen that way, but this is a dream.

Georges Seurat dreamed…

As well as Alexander Calder…

Next time I have circus dreams, however, I will be using Ticketmaster to guarantee the dream becomes reality.

Buildings, Brady, & Buckhead

The homeschoolers and I headed to the High Museum today to catch the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit before it closes on Sunday. While we were there, I had planned to also spend a little time talking about the High architecture with the kids.

On the drive over, I said, “The museum was designed by two important architects. The first building was designed in the 1980s by a man named–”
My 6-year-old son interrupts, “Mike Brady!”

The world renowned architect, Mike Brady.

The seminal piece in his oeuvre.
It is no secret now what we have been renting from Netflix. Oh, Mama had a good laugh over that one. But, you know, the Brady Bunch house has been the butt of too many jokes. I, for one, love it. It is an American classic. Don’t you think?
All that art and architecture worked up an appetite so we shimmied down Peachtree to Cafe Sunflower in Buckhead (a second location is in Sandy Springs). If you are a meat lover curious about vegetarian cuisine in the Atlanta area, this is the place to experiment with all-veg dining. The food is fresh, inventive, and delicious!
We started with steamed dumplings filled with cabbage, tofu, carrots, and mushrooms.
I have my favorite dish there, Sesame Chicken, made with amazing soy nuggets and loaded with vegetables. Today, however, I branched out and tried a lunch special: red quinoa stir fry with mushrooms, sprouts, and zucchini on collard greens. I finished with a happy plate!
We rarely order dessert at restaurants, but we always get the peanut butter pie at Cafe Sunflower…and it’s vegan! But things do get violent when one shares a dessert with a 4 and 6 year old. I nearly lost an eye, and I definitely didn’t get my fair share. Pout.
As we patted our full bellies on the way home, I quizzed the kids on what they had learned. Meier! Piano! Renaissance! Sfumato! Chiaroscuro! Split levels! Dun-nuh-dunt, it’s a story of a lovely lady…
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