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Holly & Jason

My friend Holly had the children and me over for a playdate recently. She and her hubby Jason completed a house remodel and addition about a year ago that is just beautiful. I took my camera and hoped that she would let me share photos here.

Their master bedroom and bath is part of the new addition. I just love how fresh and timeless the bathroom is. Holly is an interior designer and is the mastermind behind every beautiful detail. The framed sea fans are from Scott Antique Market.What subway tiles she didn’t use here in the shower are now in the cottage shower–thanks for the extras, Holly! The heavenly blue cabinet is my link to the bathroom–I was with Holly when she spotted it at Scott Antique Market. She had it fitted with plumbing and sinks. Gorgeous!Her house is so serene and beachy–perfectly suited for a former island girl like herself. I helped myself to more photos around the house. Thank you, girl, for letting us peek inside your cottage.

Modern Atlanta Home Tour: Lafayette Drive

When I drove up to the Ansley Glass House on Lafayette Drive, I was puzzled by the exterior. The photo of the house in the tour guide was different than this traditional facade. What I didn’t know was that the front of the house is an original 1910 structure and the back of the house, which was pictured in the guide, is the new blow-me-away addition. Here is where my camera died, but fortunately Atlanta Homes magazine features the home this month–so I can show the rooms my camera didn’t capture. The story goes that the homeowners were looking to add a larger window to their kitchen at the back of the house for more light. Soon the project evolved into a completely new addition–and did they ever get their larger window. But they loved the original traditional-styled house, while developing a taste for contemporary art and interiors. Their team of architects and designers proposed this beautiful marriage of contemporary and traditional elements by keeping the 1910 house and merging it with an all-glass addition.

Entry into the house is in the original foyer. I wound through the living room and dining room and past the grand central staircase. There is a classic beauty in these rooms; but there are hints of what is to come in the rooms beyond by the well-edited art and furniture pieces.
Beyond the dining room is another sitting room to offer my first glimpse of the new addition. I’m falling in love. And deep.

The stairs up from this room lead me to the kitchen where the ache began. You know that ache when you find something that is so you but alas is so not yours? And may very well never be yours? That is the ache. But it kind of feels good because I know someone is enjoying it and loving its beauty and appreciating every detail. Details are so, so good. The moment I knew I had found my dream house is when I stood in the kitchen, looked up, and saw this. Oh, the ache! Do you see the guest room there on the mid-level? Within its glass walls is a classic antique bed partnered with a lucite desk.
The view from the kitchen looks out onto the pool and what I suppose is the original guesthouse.
The back of the house is where we find that bigger window the homeowners wanted in their dark kitchen.
There is another new lucious and soft living room off the kitchen–too many living areas in this house for me, but I’d make do.

I’m a wee bit obsessed with this house. If only it didn’t tug at my divided heart so–that heart that is half traditional and half contemporary. If only it didn’t have everything so perfect for me, then I wouldn’t dream about padding through its rooms in my pjs. Well, I know whom I’m calling to design my house if a money tree sprouts up in my backyard.

Modern Atlanta Home Tour: Montgomery Ferry Drive

When I drove up to this house on the tour, I said, “Now, that’s what I’m talking about!” The tour was stepping things up a notch, and I likied (that’s “likey” in the past tense, roll with it, please). How spectacular is this house? Cookie cutter? Uh, no.
The living room is divided into two spaces. The art in this house is fabulous.

I’m loving the dining room light fixture. This house has less IKEA purchases than the last house, but it does have these IKEA legs on the dining room table–which was just painted plywood that was signed by the homeowner’s friends.
And here are two example of real-deal flat-track applications…no fakers here. A shower door and a closet door.Here is the top level sitting room–where I had a lovely conversation with the interior designer of the house. You should have seen his expression when I told him I had three children as an answer to his question, “Why are you a painter on hold?” It was as if I had said I had the plague. I wasn’t offended–he actually made me laugh heartily.
The master bedroom has a sweeping view of the backyard.
And, so, I left this house thinking that I had seen the best. But little did I know what awaited me down the street. Sigh. O, Dream Home, why do you taunt me so?

Modern Atlanta Home Tour: Laurel Avenue

A week ago I stole away for the Modern Atlanta Home Tour. Let me tell you, Girlfriend was happy as a clam to be toodling around looking at some art, architecture, and interior design. Happy. As. A. Clam. My first stop was on Laurel Avenue. I love that lime green structure on the front walkway.I didn’t take lots of photos here, but here are a few…that really don’t showcase the space but whatevah. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Strawberry Shortcake. I think I lived my adolescence with Apple Dumpling permanently affixed to my nose. (Inhale!) And as hooked rug art even! Be still my beating heart.

The owner had a very eclectic art collection.
The bath was in the corner of the master bedroom.I fancied this dresser also in the master bedroom.
This little casa azul in the same neighborhood caught my eye as a fun contemporary reno on a little mid-century cottage.

Well, this was my first stop on the tour…and the houses just kept getting better. I’ll post two more–the two I shot before my camera battery died (darn!). And, one. O, one. Has a house ever made you ache? I have found my one dream house.

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