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The Cottage Project: The Test Drive

We broke in the cottage this weekend for the first time! We arrived on Friday afternoon with our bags packed…and hours and hours of cleaning to do before we dared walk barefoot. But by bedtime the place was clean and feeling like home.

I realize my sneak peek last week was kinda lame. Blog readers are going to all kinds of lengths to get the 411 on the cottage–even sending a spy in my midst on Saturday with orders to take bootleg photos of the place. Well, Mrs. T, I hope this satisfies your curiosity–ha! I can’t wait to swap vegan recipes with you there in person someday!

How about a little beforesies first? Remember:
So it isn’t finished, but here is the living room at the moment:

Yep, that’s my $10 garage sale Pottery Barn sofa. Of course, it’s not $10 anymore–but it is still way less than buying brand new, and I have a perfectly fitted washable slipcover. I pre-washed all my fabric before taking it to the upholsterer–that way there is no shrinkage when I wash the slipcovers. The rug was a steal at Pottery Barn Outlet–I love you, PBO. Remember these chairs from Scott Antique Market? I scored that seersucker for $7 a yard. I had the workroom make the pillows for the sofa. Since I went with an inexpensive fabric and simple design, it was just as cost effective to go with custom-made pillow covers…with little wooden buttons. The green trunk was a must-have that I found at a Dallas antique store right before Clayton and I married. It has traveled to all our apartments, a duplex, and houses. It has always held my childhood momentos–school notes, yearbooks, etc. Now all that crap is sitting in my dining room with no place to go.
I’m so happy with how the lighting turned out in this space. The house has some unique lighting challenges with the beamed ceilings. I begrudgingly spent hours trying to solve the problem. Then I met Kathy. Oh, thank you, Kathy, for helping me light the house without lighting our budget! And, now look down at the end of the room. See that door to the master bedroom?This is one of my favorite parts of the house: the sliding door. And, excuse me for feeling so smug about faking a flat track here. I so wanted to do a flat track that has all that fancy hardware with exposed brackets and wheeliegorounds, but we all know that wheeligorounds don’t come cheap. In fact, wheeligorounds will tie your hands up and stuff dirty socks in your mouth and grab your wallet and rip up all your cash right before your incredulous eyes. That’s just how they are, little punks. Anyway, just the hardware starts at $400! Well, that is nonsense. So I ordered a standard rolling track that fastens to the top of the door. I bought two black $3 hinges from Home Depot and had Kenny screw them at the top as well. He painted the track black, and now it looks upon casual glance like a super cool flat track! The gate handle is just another cheap score at Home Depot, too. And, to top it all off, the kids think this sliding door is the best!The door itself is an old slab I picked up at an antique store. The kids and I were driving by when I spotted it out front rotting in the sun. I sanded and painted and painted and sanded until I was finally happy–using paint I had around the house that happens to go perfectly in the space. I do want to add a little aged patina to the hardware soon. The door and the hardware all cost about $150. Yep, I’m feeling smug. The house isn’t completely finished yet, but we were comfortable there this weekend. Oh, glory day, we have running water! But the bathrooms are in all stages of completion: we could shower in this one but not in that one, we could pee in this one but not that one, we could take a bath in this one but don’t you dare in that one, and you can pee in this one but it doesn’t have a toliet seat. You get the idea? Anyway, I didn’t care as long as I wasn’t using this anymore: Oh, P-U! Horrible memories.

Bluesy Woosey: A Before & After

First of all, remember me? I’m the lady who writes this here blog. I’ve been gallivanting, painting, fellowshiping, reprimanding, and cleaning. I’ve been working at the cottage the last three days–no computer time.

I have lots to share, but here is a quickie since I need to get to bed:

There once was a sad little early 90s chair–maybe late 80s. I suggested to friend Erin to buy it, “It will be great! I promise!” Our first plan was to paint it bright yellow. But it soon became clear that it was feeling blue. I love the transformation. This chair makes me so happy when I gaze upon it at her house. It is the perfect little accent chair.
What do you think?

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