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A Day at Scott’s

So there I was with my SUV loaded with 22 black shutters and one wrought iron planter, heading to Scott Antique Market at 8am. Turns out Holly’s booth was way too small for my pile of peeling shutters, so we decided to get rid of them creatively. I wasn’t banking on them to fund my children’s college education or anything–honestly, I would have given them away. But there is no harm in making a little easy money.

Michelle, who was also hanging with Holly today, helped me in my endeavor that surely must go against all rules of the Scott Antique Market. First offense, we swiped a flatbed dolley at the front of the building to haul the shutters. “Swipe” is really an unfair characterization of what we did. We borrowed.

Second offense, we cruised through the building trying to sell the shutters to other vendors at rock bottom prices. No luck there so we headed outside. Let me just say this, Michelle is awesome. The girl could sell a Snuggie to an Ecuadoreno. She’s good.As we pushed and shoved the dolley through the gravel, huff-huff, she called to vendors while doing her best Price Is Right girl pose, “We have shutters for $5–anyone want them?” Six here, two there. Then a man who absolutely wasn’t interested said, after chatting with charming Michelle for a minute or two, “If you can’t find anyone else who wants them, I’ll buy the rest from you for $50.” We heaved-ho two steps then asked ourselves, “What are we doing?” They’re yours, sir!

We responsibly returned the dolley, brushed our hands, and returned to Holly’s booth where I marked $25 each on the two remaining large shutters. This was an interesting turn of events: I had been at Scott’s for an hour and I was $90 richer. But that didn’t last long…

I found this for the cottage. It has crystals that hang from the bottom. It’s a little froufrou, but I think it will work nicely in the entry. Plus it was lots cheaper than the lighting fixture I planned to order from a catalog.
And I found these.
Just looking at these fills me with joy. The color, people! I stopped in my tracks. I inspected and sat and walked around them. The tag said $50 for four. I would have paid that. But it pays to contemplate, furrow one’s brow, and hesitate. “I can do those for $40 if you want them.” Heck, yeah, I want them. Their new home will be the screened porch at the cottage. Trust me, those plastic chairs will make that screened porch.And while I did have a shopping list today to focus on, I was easily distracted by a booth stuffed with vintage clothes. It is a weakness that I don’t get to indulge very often. So I indulged. And so I give you my two new summer dresses.

This one bears the tag “Alfred Shaheen Hawaii.” Thanks to Google I’ve learned that he was one of the leading manufacturers of Hawaiian fashion post WWII. Now I have my own Shaheen for the small price of $10. My ghostly pale skin, free.The small tag on this dress says, “Barmon, art styled, fast color.” I’m not sure of the age–the silhouette looks 1930s to me, but I’m no fashion expert. I just know I loved it and hoped it would fit. I won’t lie, I needed Clayton’s assistance to get it off. And while that may sound like TMI, it is not sexy when one is standing there trapped in a garment up at the armpits, arms straight in the air, pleading for someone to help inch the dress off. Thankfully this brown gem made it past my linebacker shoulders intact and will go to the alterationist next week pronto. Ah, a good day! Girlfriend time, good deals, and fun, which all made for a happy mommy even when I had to change that explosive diaper after dinner. Sometimes Mommy just needs a little time to be a girl to be a good mamacita.

I’m hooked on vintage junk–see what everyone else is hooked on at Hooked on Houses Fridays.

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