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Hooked on Houses: House Tour Party!

If you are visiting from Hooked on Houses, welcome to The Painted House! Now, let’s nose around some houses…

When my husband’s mother was in town to help during his June chemo, we took a little time off the cooking and cleaning for a girls’ day out at a show house in a new Tuscan-style neighborhood. I took lots of photos for inspiration for our mountain cottage. There are lots of ideas to be had for my version of rustic cottage chic on the cheap. And one room even awoke the inner 8-year-old in me, prompting me to action in our guest room. What little girl can resist a canopy? Not me!

I love the open shelves in this kitchen. I am so taking down the upper cabinets in the cottage kitchen and doing this.

Slipcovers in the dining room, of course!

I plan to interpret this vanity cabinet for one of our bathrooms.

And, the bedroom that inspired our guestroom.

Our own guestroom has lacked window coverings since we moved in a year ago. Windows or doors are smack in the middle of all the walls, which prevented me from placing the bed flush against any wall. The room is our catch-all for all our displaced furniture. It also doubles as a nursery for the baby. It was fine, I suppose…


But now, it gives my pink JC Penney’s French provencial canopy from my youth a run for its money! I went tailored instead of ruffled on the valance just to temper the feminity a little. And, now, the bed cleverly conceals the window right in the middle of the room–but it is no loss of light or view since the window only looks out to our dreadful carport.

Valance and panels are a nice fit for this 1950s house–and they block out a lot of light for slumbering bebe.

To keep things from getting too traditional or serious, I painted the chandelier in aqua. This was just a cheapy fixture I bought at JC Penney for my painting studio in our old house.

I had the headboard made back in the “old days” in Houston for our master bedroom. We since upgraded to a king bed but kept some of the same decorative pillows, but I didn’t want our room and the guest room to have the same fabrics–so it sports a slipcover now.
Anyone want to come for a visit now? I promise no cooking, no washing dishes, no babysitting while I take care of Hubby because, oh yeah, the cancer is GONE! Praise God!

Visit Hooked on Houses for more house tours. And, remember to wipe your feet at the door!

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